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July 20 2015

Norwegian site lists Age of Ultron Blu-ray extras. No huge surprises but it's nice to see that Joss will be doing commentary for the movie and the deleted/extended scenes.

The DVD just has the Global Adventure featurette.

Good, the Joss commentary is the only extra I absolutely need :)
Studios being really cheap on DVDs, guess we're not even getting the BD/DVD releases that used to happen a few years ago.
Studios being really cheap on DVDs, guess we're not even getting the BD/DVD releases that used to happen a few years ago.

With Winter Soldier Marvel made the DVD separate from the Bru-Ray. Instead they paired the Bru-Ray with a 3D disk. I would
think the original assumption was that what you were really selling was the DVD and the Bru-Ray was included as a bonus item
to help promote that format. Once Bru-Ray was an established format they stopped selling the Blu-Ray at what was a promotional
item price. They are fully aware that 3D is non-starter but doing it this way technically gives them cover.

As for fewer features on the disks I think that is directly correlated with the drop in sales.

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Damn, I liked having the DVD with commentary. I guess only the Blu-ray comes with commentary now?
... og det vil være i norsk? Flott!
Odin bli rost.

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I hope we actually get the commentary track for our aussie releases this time.
@JDL We still got BD/DVD releases for both Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy here in Brasil, which is what I own, but there was a shift packaging wise. Winder Soldier BD/DVD still packaged in DVD digipack, but GotG BD/DVD was changed to BluRay digipack. Not sure why we still got them, as from what I gather other international markets also followed Disney distribution model done in the US, by releasing them separately only.

But I expect them to replicate locally the same model as the US from Age of Ultron on, if the local release for Big Hero Six can serve as indication, despite a DVD/BD release existing in the US, locally only separate releases exists.

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