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July 22 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #17. It's the second part of the "Old Demons" arc.

Another solid issue, I have to say that I am enjoying the way Gage gets this done, A lot. We got another piece of the puzzle and while I have been teetering on the " Something Blue vs The Wish" fence for a while, I'm thinking it's neither and both. Very exciting and so much fun to have something to speculate on again. This feels like it could have been an arc in the live series and I haven't got that vibe since season 8, my favorite. Can't wait to reach the conclusion but enjoying the journey there.
I've been trying to buy it all day, but the Dark Horse app isn't letting me. Grrrr Arrrgh!
@Xander I had the same issue - you should be able to purchase it on the Dark Horse website in your browser and then be able to download it in the app.
Hm, this issue just remind me of this Bill Willingham quote:

And then comes along this crossover in which the whole plot revolves around just about every member of the JSA turning evil for a couple of issues.

I couldnít bring myself to do that because, you know, one time something takes control of you and you accidentally turn evil but itís not your fault? That can be understood. Maybe the second time something takes possession of you and you turn evil, maybe that can be forgiven as well. But by about the third or fourth time that something takes over this person and he becomes evil, you have to ask yourself, like, well, maybe thereís just something wrong with this fellow from the beginning. Maybe he is just evil. Maybe thatís what evil is, is people that are just accessible to being taken over by whatever cosmic hobo happens to be passing through today.

I don't know. Maybe the mighty creators should just stop with this type of plot :(
I got my copy of Buffy # 17 ,"Old Demons" Part II of III today.I enjoyed the issue overall.My favorite parts were really Angel's interactions with Xander and Dawn.I actually really wish Xander could head to Angel & Faith for a arc.

Archaeus isn't doing much for me at this point.

Don't really have much else to say even though I did enjoy the issue.
I really enjoyed this issue. Some interesting interactions and a line that made me truly laugh out loud, even on second read through:
"Wells, get on your banana."

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