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"That's why I hired him. He's a eunuch."
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October 15 2002

Which Buffy Character Do You Identify With Most? Take the quiz.

Unsurprisingly, I seem to identify with Giles.
"You take charge and make all the plans. Unfortunately, this leaves you a bit isolated from everyone."

Surprisingly: Spike!
"Someday you'll be able to find a happy medium b/w the both, and you'll do it shirtless." Er... well... we'll see about the shirtless thing, shall we...
Willow----I answered as I would have back in High School *sigh*
Buffy. Hmm, I thought my answers were more in the key of Willow. Maybe those two are more similar than I thought. I just want to be loved...awww:)
Giles, but I think I fit Xander's profile better.
Xander. Well. That was predictable.

Hey check it out! We got a whole Scooby gang right here in this thread!
GILES!?!?! But I'm Spike! *sigh*....

Yeah, I'm Giles.
I'm Willow? Well I suppose seeing as Alyson Hannigan were born on the same day back in 74 , its cosmic fate I guess.
Wow, I'm an underachieving loser.
Actually come to think of it...
But by just changing one answer, I'm Spike.
La la la! *Does happy dance*
lumpenprole --- yeah, but I think somewhere down the line Spike may be Giles ancestor--- ;)

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