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July 22 2015

What the hell are you wearing: the science of tacky formal dresses. Featuring at least two examples with which you are most likely very familiar.

Tacky? I like the clothes that Daenerys wears!

Everything else is ugly, even if the wearers aren't.

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They don't like the green dresses? It's better than the traditional blood larva and burlap.
They're radioactive.
I skimmed through the article, since it is a lot more in depth than I care about. When I saw the word "velour" I couldn't help but do my best impression of Kif from Futurama saying, "I'm not as big a fan of velour as you are."

Then I scrolled down and saw the picture of Zapp Brannigan.


I love this writer's approach to explaining fabrics.

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