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July 23 2015

Tiny Fences - A Weekly Buffy Podcast. A fun quirky podcast from Canada that's doing a full Buffy watch, at one episode a week. They are up to Season 2.

Andrea and Amanda review each episode, sometimes joined by guests. The real fun is that Amanda has never seen the show and is totally unspoiled! It's a great podcast to listen to if you're doing a rewatch yourself, or just to reminisce.

Full disclosure - I do know the hosts, but am not involved in the podcast, and I only started listening to it myself two weeks ago. I was a bit surprised nobody had posted it here yet as they're gaining a pretty respectable following.
Gohan! one more addition to my no ending list of podcasts.
Gotta give it a shot. I listen to the Dusted podcast from time to time, but the "overbearing dude runs roughshod over his wife's opinions" schtick gets a little old.

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So weird, I actually met Amanda when I was in Vancouver last year. Small world. I should go listen to the podcast now.

Oh and my favorite Buffy podcast is actually in French. I'm not sure if posting a link to a non-English podcast would be allowed on the main page. But if you understand French, I highly recommend it, these guys do a fantastic job:

Pourquoi Buffy c'est Génial:
Hey, Nico-Angel, since you listen French casts, is there any chance of yo knowing where I can find the old files of Radio Buffy? The show wasn't properly a podcast, but it streamed the tv series sond track with some comments. My fav episodes were about OMWF and Wild Horses with many versions of that song.
I remember Radio Buffy, but I don't know where to find the old files, sorry.
Thanks so much for the link, Nico-Angel. Can't wait to have a listen!
Thanks, anyway, Nico.

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