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July 23 2015

Trailer for the Avengers: Age of Ultron Blu-ray. Catch a glimpse of deleted scenes and the gag reel. The Blu-ray will be out in the US on October 2nd. New clips from the movie can be found at, and

So according to the listing from that Norwegian site posted earlier this week, the BD extras are:

From The Inside Out - Making Of Avengers: Age Of Ultron
The Infinity Six
Global Adventure
Deleted & Extended Scenes (With Audio Commentary By Joss Whedon)
Gag Reel
Audio Commentary With Joss Whedon

This trailer mentions "45 minutes of exclusive content" and then goes to list very similar items: "Unlock the Infinite Six", "Go On Location - Global Adventure", "Deleted Scenes", "Gag Reel". That run-time probably include almost all the extras listed, right? Meaning the DVD's will barely get a third of that probably, as it only the Global Adventure feature.

Release dates also interesting. Digital HD on September 8th, and BluRay on October 2nd. Which differs from the date we have from the Norwegian site, which is September 21st, so we're once again getting different dates with international markets getting hard copies a little bit earlier than the US, but at least this time it seems that everyone will get Joss commentary track, which was non-existant (for DVDs or BDs) for the international releases for the 1st Avengers. I had to import a 2nd copy from the US, despite already owning a local BD+DVD copy, so I could get that.

Btw, so studios don't even mention DVDs anymore in the home release promos, wonder if they'll just stop releasing stuff on DVDs altogether in another 3-4 years.
I was wondering the same thing, too, Numfar. That will not be easy for so many people who do not have blu-ray players. Even the cheap ones are not cheap anymore. Plus, blu-ray videos are more expensive than DVD's. The industry is simply encouraging more piracy.

I miss my VCR. Maybe not as reliable as a DVR, but so much less expensive!
What, no Spader?
Vcr...not expensive? Weren't VHS movies incredibility expensive in the 90s?
I added a couple promo links for the release.
I'm still hurt by what happened to the first Avengers commentary on the international DVD release...
Yeah, non retail VHS movies could hit you for around 100 bucks. It's why rental stores were so big.
Boo. No more One Shots? They connected the Universe and gave us more BAMF! Phil and Peggy, and teased the Ten Rings.

*sits in a corner and mopes*
Yeah, neither Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy had any one-shot movies. Kevin Feige recently said "There is a backlog of ideas for one-shots that we havenít done yet." Unfortunately, he didn't success at all when they might go ahead with more.
They've probably gotten too busy for them. Pretty soon they'll be doing three movies some years instead of just two, plus coordinating with the TV shows.

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