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July 24 2015

The 13 best Buffy monsters-of-the-week. A couple surprising inclusions and omissions.

No Sweet, Holden Webster, Olaf the Troll, Dracula, Eyghon…
That was a surprising selection! It's fun to read something by someone who liked Buffy for completely different reasons than I'd expect.

I agree with all of those, libradude. There's also Zachary Kralik, Sunday, the Order of Taraka... wait, does Vampire Willow count?
Yeah..some of those on the list are weak given the vast run of this show. Fake Future Xander? The Judge? The Gorch Brothers?
Loan Shark?(Just kidding. Loan shark was horrible.)
Loan Shark is amazing.
I loved the Gorch Brothers! They always make me laugh. I am smiling now just thinking of them.

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I hated Sunday. More for real life reasons though.
I've always thought of MOTW as the episodes that made a pretty overt homage to classic horror-movie monsters (Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, zombies) rather than the business-as-usual vampires and demons. High up on my list would be Buffy vs. Dracula, Inca Mummy Girl, Witch, Out of Sight Out of Mind, and The Puppet Show. Most of Season 1 and maybe half of Season 2 were all MOTW, and I quite enjoyed them.
Ken from "Anne" was a pretty good one.

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