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July 25 2015

Felicia Day on Dr. Horrible - "I'm so grateful to be a part of it". She made the comments about the online musical yesterday at VidCon.

I am excited to see her upcoming CHEW movie. If you haven't heard of the comic series Chew, run don't walk and pick up some of the comics or trade paperbacks.

It's about an alternative world where a bird flu has wiped out 20 million americans and eating birds has become illegal. The main character is a detective named Chu and he has the ability to mentally visualize the origin of anything he puts in his mouth and he can see the person picking the apple and where it's stored and how it made it's way to his mouth. One of Chu's cases takes him to an underground blackmarket chicken soup establishment....and things get crazy.

Really fun series, soon to be a movie with Felicia Day among other genre actors!
alexreager, Man that kinda sounds wicked!

I'm just sitting here thinking about the potential calibre of a Dr. Horrible sequel.
I hadn't thought about it for a while, but when the time comes, when the actors are once again united and allied under Joss' momentum and experience...well, I'm a little ashamed to say the thought gives me slight tinglies.
We'll have to start bugging 'em! Someone here'll generate a campaign for nagging 'em, yeah?...I mean inspiring them to action, or something? I'm not the "doing things" guy around here. Any takers?
The urgency to do the Dr Horrible sequel has always been tempered by the claim of "scheduling conflicts". However, Con Man has managed to come together with many of the same people, and they found a way to overcome scheduling conflicts for it.
My faith in Dr Horrible 2 is faltering.

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I think it was Joss' availability in the past. Maybe now there is a chance.
It has been scheduling. There was a point where Dr Horrible 2 had dates etc, but unfortunately scheduling happened.
I've always believed that "scheduling conflicts" was said with tongue firmly in cheek. Joss announced that DH2 was in the works six years ago. Cast and crew alike have somehow found the time to do a great many things in those six years. The first DH was filmed in a matter of days. Hell, Joss produced and filmed "Much Ado" while still working on "Avengers".

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