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July 29 2015

(SPOILER) Christos Gage previews new arc of Buffy Season 10. The second-to-last arc of the season includes a "contest of champions" organized by Harmony and the return of some other characters.

Excited about 1 particular return!
Good interview.
But good god the comments are wearying. How disheartening it must be to give your time to interview and instead of people commenting on what you said just having to read that endless cycle of nonsense. I just hope he doesn't read the comments.
We don't comment on the comments elsewhere. It saves pain.
The comments on those sorts of things do often focus on factually inaccurate perspectives and seem to be treated as an opportunity for bias ranting. They often just don't seem to remember what literally happened or they clearly had difficulty understand what they saw on screen. Best just to avoid reading them, I expect Gage does.

His interviews of late seem to be a bit repetitive. From the hints I am assuming that at least one scoobie may go off elsewhere at the end of the season. With Faith's constant referencing of Giles it could just be him returning to London.

EDIT: Sorry Simon, just saw your post.

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That's ok, no harm done.
Sounds about as interesting as this gets anymore, of course I always worry about Harmony when she gets near this kind of action, I just can't help feeling sorry for her. I have to wonder how many other "champions" might be involved here, will likely see some favorite old faces, looking forward. and Christos is right; just going by a season-age equivalency these folks are about 25 or 26 now and these days that *is* the point when most peoples' adult lives kick in, and Dawn is younger so she's less ready. I guess the show was a teaser expecting them to settle down at 21. Of course, Joss has an interest in keeping those folks infantilized and tied up in world-saving instead of real family life. We'll see.

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