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July 30 2015

Agents of SHIELD adds Constance Zimmer in season 3. That's a great casting decision.

Confirmation the time-skip is a few months, basically what iwas last season and in real life then. With this in mind I don't think Simmons will be MIA.

Having someone compete for the Inhumans is expected, I thought it might just be Lash though. Hopefully this isn't repetitive of SHIELD 2 though. With her, Lash, the new regulars, the Secret Warriors coming in and Ward rebuilding Hydra, I hope the show doesn't get overstuffed.
Wonderful casting. Zimmer is always excellent.
Approved by me. Team Constance Zimmer since Joan of Arcadia.
Confirmation the time-skip is a few months, basically what iwas last season and in real life then. With this in mind I don't think Simmons will be MIA.

The reports in May that I recall had Simmons MIA at the start of S3 but popping back in somewhere very early. And if you think about it that's a huge event to just treat as back-story.
I do wonder what's the status on Abigail Brand rights wise, Joss did create her, but it was in an X-Men title.
She would be an amazing actress to portray Brand....
I did wonder if she worked for SWORD. What other agencies are out there? MI3 is all that I can think of.
@JDL-Yeah It would be. Unless the Stone is not a portal and more a cocoon and maybe it spits her out transformed into an Inhuman Killer. Any chance you can find those links?

@Simon-The one that jumps out to me is AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). More-so unethical/immoral science rather then a direct conquer the world ideology like Hydra.

Or perhaps some version of HAMMER but in the comics that was what SHIELD became after Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) took over so the origin would have to be very different for the show.

A less likely option that came to mind was some sort of regular person Cabal but that's probably wrong.
I hope that this won't in any way negatively affect UnREAL's S2. Though perhaps she was already done with that show, or is able to do both?
Pretty easy to do both since UnReal is probably on a production hiatus until sometime next year.
On related note, since we're mentioning Unreal, Marti Noxon's reaction about Bachelor host comments about the show is almost too cute not to share, it's too thin to deserve a front page post, so I'll just leave it here since it is related.

Lifetime will keep it as Summer show, so cast members recurring else where in between not really a big problem.
I also thought Abigail Brand when I read the description. I do hope they have the rights to use S.W.O.R.D.
Oh, cool! I loved Constance Zimmer on Joan of Arcadia, and she's been killing it on UnREAL.

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