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April 02 2004

Wonderfalls ratings fell to a 2.1/3 for fast nationals. Tru Calling came in fourth with 3.4/5.

Not good. :(
But ... it was really good! And the star is cute! I watched for the first time and enjoyed it immensely.

Ugh, I'm crestfallen.
It makes me sad. Please let FOX keep it around long enough to air all the eps that have been produced thus far. Please. Otherwise I'm going to have to upgrade my Netflix membership yet again.
yeah its not looking good for tru calling or wonderfalls.
Sucks. I was laughing (again) last night. I love this show.

"I told her you were servicing me sexually"!! Ha!
Oh, crap! Does anybody recall if the ratings for Tru Calling were this bad when it began? Is there any hope for WF?
I think Tru was around the same numbers in the beginning. I could be wrong but I think I remember that. I'm starting to like Wonderfalls more and more, although still not on the 'gotta have the DVD season set!' level. But I like the character more and more and I like how they have managed so far to keep the eps relatively different with the same concept. Not sure how long they'll keep that up, but it's definitely growing on me.

Btw, nice to see Harmony in Wonderfalls, but couldn't they have gotten Mercedes to play her? (Note sarcastic humor. I know it wasn't Harmony)

Tru was a bit less impressive. Well it usually is, but compared to last weeks ray of hope this was lacklustre. The reporter is annoying beyond words. "You BETTER talk to me.", "You BETTER be there and the story BETTER be good." For frag's sake you can pretty much charge her with harassment by now! Why doesn't anyone in this show simply tell her to f*ck the hell off?? (Pardon my french) She's just some nobody trash rag reporter! Call the police and tell her she's bothering you. Or punch her lights out. At the very least tell her to take a frikkin' hike!

Ahem, anyway...looks like the nerd with the beard has the hots for Tru. Well who wouldn't have. The words 'snowball's chance in hell' swiftly come to mind though.
yeah i watched tru last night, didnt seem as bad as i had heard. im interested to see all the other episodes now, just so i know what the hell is going. especially cuz im wondering whats up with JP's character. he seems evil or something...............
I'm liking Wonderfalls more and more too. Which says a lot, since I loved the first episode and saw great promise in it becoming a cult hit.

I also am liking Tru Calling again. Sure, it's not nearly as good as Buffy, but it's starting to really intrigue me with the new direction it's going, and especially with Priestly's character. He is so creepy! And Eliza, man she's a good actress. At first it was hard to see what she could do with that character but given good writing, she gives you the emotion that's needed and she doesn't overdo it.

Thursdays are looking better and better. But man if Wonderfalls gets cancelled I swear there will be no hope left for TV.
I don't know. I initially thought the addition of Jason Priestly to the cast would be cool, but so far, he just annoys the be-jesus out of me. His character is written so whiney. Wah wah wah...I'm bitter over being brought back to life. I can see his story arc a mile away and it isn't impressive. While Tru tries to save people, I bet he tries to make sure they stay dead.
Yeah, I tried to watch Tru Calling again last night since it was on before Wonderfalls (I watch Smallville for the same reason), and I just couldn't stand it. It's probably gotten incrementally better than the first two or three episodes, but feel that it still isn't really worth my time.
The SO chose Tru over a rerun of L&O, which says something for it. Of course, he then fell asleep 15 minutes into it, and I wandered off to do something else & came back at 8:30 to get the half-time recap, which is so incredibly lame, but reliable--what can I say?

Wonderfalls, however continues to surprise, even if some of the surprises are less than wonderfull. It's still better than 90% of real TV, and better than 100% of "reality" TV.
Well, not that it matters in any way, but I'll toss in my 2 cents about JP in Tru. I think he may be reliving Tru's days too, without knowing why. And it'll probably be because he's been dead already. They've made several points on how he either changes something that he should be doing the same (Tru's soda) or how he may know previous day stuff. (Knew exactly what horse to bet on) I don't know.

Oh and some type of lines make me laugh in Tru sometimes. "I believe some people are fated to die before their time." Well, if they are fated to die then, it's technically not 'before' their time is it? Heheh, ah I got too much free time on my hands. Well I don't really, but......
Well, I watched 'Tru Calling' all the way through for the first time in months. It was marginally better than I remember, though still studded with some wincingly bad dialogue. And yet, ED is amazingly cute, isn't she? Mmmm. I sort of like her character at the same time I'm frustrated by her. There's some kind of emotional remove operating there, and it puts me off a little, even as I'm being drawn in to figure her out. I guess I missed a lot of vitally important, engaging backstory while I was away, huh?

AFA 'Wonderfalls', I'm still getting more enjoyment out of it than anything else currently on le tube of boob (absent 'Angel', of course). I continue to adore Caroline Dhavernas; she's a marvel to behold, with her plastic fantastic expressions, and her line readings are just so right on they never feel false, no matter how kooky things get. I'm liking Mahandra, too -- she was killing me with her snark in the bar. Those eye-rolls at Gretchen were Cordelia-worthy. ;)

I need for the network to be patient, despite Thursday's numbers, because this nifty new two-hour block could easily become a weekly habit at my house. It's working great for me: One hour of TC is exactly enough time to cook dinner (while watching the TV from the kitchen), clean up, then come in and set the VCR for WF. Suddenly, there's actually a week-day evening I can relax into after work and be decently entertained! Even if it isn't the pure crack goodness of a Joss show, it's fine for right now. For the love of god and all good things televised, Fox, please don't screw it up!

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