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August 04 2015

'The Cabin in the Woods' made Film4's 50 'Must-See Horror Films of the Century' list. Alan Tudyk's 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil' also appears on the list.

Definitely would have put 'Cabin' higher on this list. Also, 'Detention' is so overrated. It was marketed as the next great meta, horror-comedy film like 'Scream', but mostly it was just kind of a hot mess.
I love Detention. It's time travel plots totally hooked me.

TimeCrimes bored me, because I cannot believe a 30 plus years old married man would go to a forest just to see a girls boobs, while having internet connection.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night - I really wanted to like it but, no. The same for The Babadook.

Martyrs is really disturbing.

I can't see Trollhunter as anything more than a ScyFy channel style movie and not horror.

Great to see It Follows, Let The Right One In, Ginger Snaps and Pontypool high on the list

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