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August 07 2015

Watch Gary Oldman take a pic of Joss Whedon for Juliet Landau's film. More details about the vampire documentary 'A Place Among The Undead' can be found on the movie's website and Facebook page. Gary's pic can be found on our Tumblr.

Note how Juliet's accent goes transatlantic presumably from being around Gary.
That's what stood out about the video for me.
This documentary sounds EXCELLENT.
Sorry, the camera is likely from the mid-1800s, not from the 1900s. By 1900, there was already film--even the kind that could be sent off to Kodak for developing--and in-camera shutters (rather than having to take the lens cap off for the exposure) were commonplace and used by most professional photographers. So perhaps the Tumblr caption might be corrected.
I've fired off a query to Juliet's rep. I'll let you know if they can find out the exact date.
And it was indeed 1856, so I'll make the necessary changes. Thanks for the insight palehorse.
Glad to be of help, Simon. This link is so cool, though. Thanks for posting it. Apart from the Joss connection, it's useful to show students how such photos were taken.

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