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August 11 2015

Felicia Day's memoir is praised for being an 'illuminating and frank' look at injustice and insecurity. BoingBoing does a deep dive into the book, which released today.

As some may have heard, Joss Whedon himself does the foreword for the memoir. If you want a brief taste of what he says, here's an excerpt...

I have personal heroes, and Felicia Day is one of them. She's kind and loyal and funny and weird - but that describes a lot of my friends. She's pretty and I want to touch her hair - but that describes, sadly, almost all of my friends, including the lads. But Felicia has something few of us do. She's fierce. She's more than a self-made woman - I sometimes think she's not a human woman, that she willed herself into existence, before willing the world to make a place for this new, unfathomable creation...

Anyone read it yet?
@Simon, I've read a good chunk of it, and it's brilliant, IMO. It reads the way she speaks (in essence, fast paced, quick-witted, and thoughtful). And though its often comedic, it gets rather dark and potent in places with regards to anxiety and depression. I'd recommend.
I've ordered the audio version just to hear Felicia read it, and Joss' introduction. It should arrive tomorrow. :)
Thanks inverse. Felicia's writing is very good so I'll get it sometime in the near future. And she's one of us so it's great to see her succeed so well.
The reviews on Amazon are all 5-star so far, the most recent one by someone who didn't know who Felicia was before picking up the book, but does suggest reading the introduction (maybe meaning the foreward?) as giving a good framing of Felicia's life.
Read the Amazon reviews now, before the Gamergaters discover it and start flooding it with one-star ratings and troll reviews.

Going to order this shortly, along with the Guild complete series set I've been meaning to get.
I hate it when you make me laugh and cry at the same time, Felicia.
I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!
Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!
Money well spent. People who get this book will be surprised by the real Felicia Day, and have an overpowering urge to know more abut her..or at least find that HBO movie she was in.
Fantastic book.
@AndrewCrossett it seems you have a crystal ball, as one such 'review' has already arrived from a member of that group. To be frank, it doesn't feel like they even read the memoir, but are simply repeating talking points from that particular movement.

In happier news, Felicia shares a lot of Whedonverse love in this interview.

I had no idea the impact (Buffy) would have on my life, being hired for a job I auditioned for out of many. I was so blessed to be on that show because not only did it help my career quite a bit, it made me understand how awesome it is to be part of a TV family. It introduced me to the Whedonverse, and I have friends from that experience to this day are some of my closest friends, who I respect and love. Itís really a testament to Joss Whedon and how he brings people together and creates an environment of creativity and love. He did the forward to my book, which I didnít even have to ask him to do. He offered in the middle of ďUltronĒ being released to write a forward. I was like, ďSure. Iím so sorry. Youíre offering this, but I donít want to distract you.Ē It also made me be very careful about the projects that I pick and the things that I make. I could easily be on a half-hour show on a network right now. But, the TV shows I picked have been all shows that have that sense of family and fandom around them. Itís not just a job for me; itís a lifestyle and a passion. I want to feel that sense of community with whatever I do behind the camera or in front of it.
The AV Club review is interesting, in noting that "In those Hollywood chapters, Day doesnít write at all about working on Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Dr. Horribleís Sing-Along Blog with Joss Whedon."
@mike13 I think the thing Felicia has noted is that she didn't want to simply narrate a running list of the things that happened in her life. She instead, wanted to choose chapters that imparted some form of lesson or takeaway. So she'd have a chapter about struggling in Hollywood, and a chapter about starting her own show etc. So I don't think there was any intentional sleight towards Joss. It's probably more that talking about Whedonverse experience would simply be 'I did awesome things with awesome people' and it wouldn't have as much 'moral to the story' within it. In the thank you section she says:

To Joss Whedon, who I adore with stars in my eyes, who I want to be a badass for. Who inspires me to keep creating while standing awkwardly near the hummus.
@inverse I think that's very fair. It was interesting that the reviewer chose to highlight the issue. I am looking forward to reading the book.
I finished reading it in a day. Not a gamer, but I really enjoyed it.. There was shared nostalgia from the early days of the web, and her writing is funny, warm and thoughtful. What really elevated her book was the way she addressed her issues with depression and anxiety. As someone who struggled similarly, that section in particular was really inspiring. Well worth the money, and I felt compelled to leave an amazon review too. The gamergate trolls have already started posting 1-star reviews on amazon, it's such a shame.

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