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August 13 2015

Pluto TV has a Joss Whedon Shows channel. It's USA only because the content is coming from Hulu. But still, how cool is that?

Very! Nice find.
These streaming aggregators are odd ducks. Wonder if this one will survive.
The CCO of Spotify joined them which led to me discovering the Joss channel. I used to joke about such a channel existing and now it's come true.
Oh, so close! I was surprised when the Pluto TV app loaded for me, being in Canada, but I see now I have access to the app just not the Joss channel. Bummer. Oh well, at least I can see other things like MST3K and the Weird Al channel.
Weird Al Channel?
Wheel of Fish here I come.
First the former planet Pluto got Serenity, now Pluto TV gets Firefly + more Whedon. Damn this thing is turning into Disney.
Any minute now, a fight will break out over whether Agents of SHIELD really belongs on the channel.
I wish Pluto TV or something similar would do this for Tim Minear's series, three of which (The Inside, Drive, Terriers) have no DVD. I don't even know if the Wonderfalls DVD is still available. My memory is not as good as it used to be and those shows are fading from memory pretty fast, a situation I find deplorable. I had to ask Tim on his Facebook page about a scene from Drive the other day, because I didn't know if it was my imagination or reality. Christ. Please someone - do something about this!
I can't seem to find the channel :( been thru the lineup twice. I'm in the US (Ma) so it should be there? also, not a search friendly app, that's for sure. ETA: iPad app doesn't have channel, but when i click the link here it does DOH

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It should be 424.
thank you, Simon!

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