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August 14 2015

Felicia Day plays 'Do, Marry, Kill' with Whedonverse characters. Witty answers on Buzzfeed as Felicia decides who she'd bed and who'd be dead.

Her reasons are hilarious. I wish there was video or audio for the whole thing.

Good call on the Supernatural trio. :D
She has a surprisingly strong opinion about Ron Weasley.
@Jason_M_Bryant based on this episode of Cooptitude it feels like Felicia has some unresolved issues with Ron :D

@D-e-f- very comedic answers all around. The Chewbacca one made me laugh out loud.
Absolutely agree with her call on Supernatural as well. It would not end well.
She is hilarious and I adore her.

Though I'd go with R2 over C3PO. Like, R2 has to have an attachment that would work for sex, right? And C3PO would just be ... awkward. And would not shut up the whole time. :-P
I get the impression she was a Harry/Hermione shipper.
I hope she would tape her "meeting" with Penny for... you know... Science.
Brasilian Chaos Man Well as a second choice, I could send you into my fic where two Kennedys from different dimensions have a chance to get it on, and take it.

Wasn't familiar with a lot of the universes they mentioned, but most of her choices made sense to me. Agree that it would be hard to choose for Supernatural; my own choice would be to kill everybody in that world:-).

She's quite sassy.
Smart move on SPN! She knows the fandom well.

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