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August 14 2015

Miss Piggy ogles Nathan Fillion. She really does.

That was funny.
She really brings home the bacon.
Perked up a rainy Saturday morning….thanks!
OMG, that's hilarious! I wonder how it happened - anyone know?
Oh, I see. The Muppets are doing a promotional thing, using stars. Cool!
But now that I've thought about it, why is Miss P oogling Nathan's rear end a promo for a children's show? Except that, of course, we're talking HBO here.
The Muppets is neither a kids show nor an HBO show. It's airing at 8:30 ET on ABC.
But now that I've thought about it, why is Miss P oogling Nathan's rear end a promo for a children's show?

Because the world's best children's programming is never written for children.
Suddenly so glad The Muppets are on ABC, of all networks (yes, I know Disney and ABC are the same company and Disney bought The Muppets, so where else would the show be, but I'm now glad Disney bought them instead of some other network that doesn't have Castle). Maybe Nathan Fillion will do a guest spot!
But Sesame Street is definitely HBO. I wonder if they will also try to make an "adult" show.
Did you all know that Jim Henson died from the same thing as George Washington?
HBO is trying to revitalize their kids' programming, hence buying Sesame Street. They'll give PBS the episodes nine months after they air.

The Muppets is an adult show on ABC.
gorrammit … never mind. I’m a very slow typer :-/

Or: What redeem147 said.

[ edited by Udo Schmitz on 2015-08-15 23:44 ]
Also the Muppets and a Sesame Street are 2 completely separate entities. One is owned by Disney and one is a non profit org.
Thanks for clarifying, all. Clearly I conflated the 2 things, but in my poor brain, the Sesame St. characters are Muppets, you know? And I don't know if I'll ever really be able to separate them. I've never watched either, except of course that episode with Neil Patrick Harris, which I guess must have been Sesame St.
Fraggle Rock was on HBO. I'm not worried about them ruining Sesame Street.

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