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August 15 2015

Firefly as pulp novels. looks at Robert Jimenez's artwork for Upper Deck's Firefly trading cards.

The Inara one gives me pause. Like, I knew it was an intended storyline but... I just kinda wish it'd go away. Mm. Mixed feelings about the punch, personally. But I admit it's not really my preference in art style.
I loved this idea... when I did it 6 years ago!!!!
Kyozazard, I like the slinky brown coat, but wasn't Blue Sun an evil corporation? Anyway, I enjoyed your gallery. I guess it's a case of "great minds thinking alike"?
More Firefly anyway I can get it...
Jocelyn, totally evil. And only and evil corporation like blue sun or fox would try and make money off of something like that. :)

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