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August 15 2015

Stars and producers pick the shows they'd revive. Find out who'd want to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel back on the small screen.

Some people really should not be allowed to work in the entertainment industry.
I think Prison Break is coming back. They did remake The Golden Girls and called it Hot in Cleveland. I generally don't like reboots - but if Bryan Fuller did one I'd watch it.

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Nice that Morena B. got some love. Although I tried watching V, and couldn't get into it.

So many of these shows I've either never heard of, or never watched. But nice that Buffy & Angel got mentioned, and funny that Firefly didn't.

I love Brian Fuller too!
What, no Firefly, Life, Pushing Daisies or Chuck?
Hear hear on Firefly, Life and Pushing Daisies and I'll add Wonderfalls. And second the love for Profit.

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Loved 'Space 1999' - back when that was way in the future. Very cool, and it featured both of Drusilla's parents.
I'll take Eden's Firefly, Life, Pushing Daisies amd Wonderfalls and raise a Studio 60 and Kindred: The Embraced.
M*A*S*H. Seriously?
Bump for Wonderfalls, by far my favorite of Brian Fuller's.
With some of the more puzzling of these suggestions you can imagine that with the kind of wholesale reimagining of the original that they did to, say, Battlestar Galactica that it could actually produce a really good show.

I'd second the suggestion of The Rockford Files but, alas, they already kinda did it with the fantastic Terriers but it didn't find an audience and had about the same lease of life as Firefly.
Terriers was not the same thing as the Rockford Files. Same genre, very different shows.
They *are* bringing back "Prison Break" as a limited run on Fox, and just ignoring/mightily explaining how Wentworth Miller's (hey, "Buffy" alum!) is still in the story.
Terriers was not the same thing as the Rockford Files

Hence, "kinda."
I think I have to agree with Bad Karma...

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