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August 17 2015

Chris Evans wins Teen Choice Award for Age of Ultron. He won in the Movie Scene Stealer category.

What does that even mean??
Well bivith,

"...I understood that reference!" ;)

Okay wrong movie, but it seemed appropriate. I would say it probably for all the dead pan moments of Cap's embarrassment at being called out on his aversion to swearing. Chris did play those really well and so was often the highlight of various crowd scenes.
Personally though I loved his "..You didn't finish!" moment, but hey it's Joss writing...So y'know the characters are gonna have good lines. And Cap's 'Man out of time' status lends himself to that quite well.
Though in reading the categories for these choice awards I did start to feel a little bit out of step with the times too. I mean 'Choice Twit' to me kind of feels like more of an insult than a winning category! ;)
Or maybe it's the scene where he tore the log in half, lengthwise.
Or hesitated with the hammer?
He's not a scene stealer. He's the main character. I'm glad he won even though these awards are meaningless. I really like Cap.

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