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August 19 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #18. It's the third part of the "Old Demons" arc.

I enjoyed this issue, although the cross-over seemed short. I think that after all this time I expected something more, although honestly I'm not sure what. I do finally feel like we have a set-up for the "Big Bad" of the season and can see where the rest of the issues will go from here.

I like that Angel and Spike made some sort of peace; the rivalry for Buffy's affections gets old after a while. I think at this point Angel is out of the picture in terms of romantic interest and that makes sense. I imagine there's still a lot of baggage from the Twilight incident.
I was hoping Spike and Angel would get involved in a romantic relationship again. Buffy is the Slayer and should keep fighting the fight while our vampires with the soul make love :) It IS the comics, make it happen!
Okay,I managed to get Buffy # 18,the conclusion of "Old Demons' on actual new comic day.

I have to admit that I was really nervouse about this arc going in as a Buffy/Angel shipper but I really liked this issue and arc as a whole.

First of all IMO,I don't think this closed the door on B/A happening again one day.If anything this arc may of given it a stronger foundation down the line.That may be shipper blinders on but that's how I feel after this arc.

All I wanted was for Buffy and Angel to part on good terms and I got that so I'm totally satisfied.

I really loved the interaction between Angel and all the scoobies in this arc and this issue.

This arc has really made me wish Xander to head to Angel & Faith for a arc but I doubr it will happen with Angel & Faith ending at issue 25.

Also loved how Angel & Spike parted too as well as how Spike helped Angel overcome Archaeus.

As for the end and Angel's comments on Buffy/Spike's future.Putting my shipper prefrences aside,I don't think Gage is necessarly telegraphing how spuffy will end.I think that could go either way.

The one thing that did not work for me is Archaeus.The character is just too abstract for me so I'm not excited about the idea of Archaeus.continuing in Angel & Faith.I guess we'll see.

It was good to see D;hoffryn and the book of magic factor in again.Also thought Angel's reaction to him was funny.

So to finish,I was overall very happy with this issue and arc as a whole.
I hope Angel's comments turn out to be mistaken. I don't want years of Spuffy - I like Buffy best when she's burying her feelings with violence - but I think it would be cheap storytelling for Angel's prognostication to be realised too exactly.

Let's suppose Willow and Angel are right in general that 'immortals don't change' (which I find hard to reconcile with the TV shows, but ok). Even so, Spike's volatile emotions have pushed the limits of the mythology of the Buffyverse before (e.g. winning his soul).

And Angel's generally excellent insight into people's nature is frequently off where Spike is concerned (e.g. AtS Destiny). Angel's comment on Spike's previous relationships seems conspicuously odd as a description of Spike's relationship with Dru. Spike _did_ change; he fell in love with Buffy. That's why Dru left him. If anything Angel seems to be describing his own relationship with Spike ('He fixates on someone. Decides they're gonna solve all his problems. Give his life meaning'.)

I have faith that the writers have something smarter in mind than making Angel an anvilicious Spuffy soothsayer, not least because the real clairvoyant in the Buffyverse, who is also the person who always understood Spike best, is there on the letters page trailing the next issue of Angel.
I'm behind and it's due to fear. I'm a Spuffy shipper (I do love Angel too!) and I've been very afraid. I have to get over this. It's like a road block. I've been checking spoilers from under the blankets but I just can't see any of this ever ending well.

So now I can't delve into my bag from my bricks and mortar and catch up.

"Be careful what you wish for" feels so true.
I find the belief that people sticking together can't be interesting ridiculous tbh. Life is full of highs and lows a couple can face and how they struggle together can be as interesting a rollercoaster of angst as seeing it happen individually. Perhaps the writing is maturing with the characters to move onwards ;).

At a glance I found the crossover a little disappointing because it was a bit flat in how everything with everyone was smoothed over. Sure there is some of that maturing wrapped up in there but characterisation takes a beating where everyone is just so damned agreeable and understanding. I appreciate Angel's parting comments therefore in showing how surface level that can be. And that works with the situation showing Buffy's wariness of trusting him when they were heading out to track Archaeus and also in Angel's underlying desire to skewer Spike.

As for what Angel said at the end, I don't think Spike looks to fix himself through his relationships. And, as I've seen others point out, this is Angel speaking his opinion. I think there is a chance it is Gage writing to what he is aiming for, but it may just be him telling us what Angel is thinking, how he has gotten his head around the situation to accept it. And let's face it, Angel does have a tendency to project his issues on Spike and also to be scathing of Spike's 'love', both souled and unsouled.

I think Spike tries to be what he thinks the object of his love wants. He bends himself to try and fit and it is his belief that he won't ever really be wanted that plays into this. I don't mean to say that he pretends to be things that he isn't, but he tries to satisfy what he thinks is 'wanted' in order to be accepted and loved. A lot of his competitiveness against Angel with Dru was energised by that. So the self-destructive aspect comes from not ever really believing he will be chosen, from fearing rejection. He looks to be validated perhaps by being loved by those he pedestals. But last season's mini was about him seeing that placing his wish to be wanted solely on one person so they were the caretaker of his happiness wasn't ok and so he came back more widely wanting to belong. That doesn't eliminate the insecurity/problem of self-worth, but it may give him a wider scaffolding emotionally to get past it.

And of course it is another example of change for Spike. He really doesn't fit that image of immortals that is getting plugged. Sure he has some ongoing insecurities, so does everyone, but Spike does focus on wanting to 'fix' himself through change. A lot of Angel's AtS 5 insecurities came from what Spike had achieved by choice. So I don't think what Angel said was fair. Sure Spike has insecurities that have a negative affect on his relationship, just not in that way imo.

It'll be interesting to see which way Gage takes it all.

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