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August 20 2015

(SPOILER) Christos Gage's Slayalive Q/A for Buffy #18. Touches on things coming up as well.

Disappointing response to the Archaeus/Maloker question. It sounds as if Cage didn't bother to try make his new demon character coherent with the revelations we were given in season 9.
Sounds like he flubbed calling Archaeus an Old One when that's distinctly for demons of the Deeper Well like Illyria. Maloker fits, Archaeus doesn't. To me Archaeus is just a vamp really ancient and strong like Kakistos that sired The Master as was stated in the book.
Gage is saying that vamps gain their essence from a demon in a hell dimension. Archaeus was one of those demons and because he is powerful he is able to keep a connection to the vampire line he gave his essence into, selecting to give his essence to others in the line too. He isn't a vamp or an old one, Gage has been quite clear on that. Other vampires, just sired by average demons don't get that potential control on them but I suppose are theoretically less strong as a result themselves too.

I thought his answers, aside from the slip about Illyria Fred in relation to Spike's relationship with them which I believe he corrected himself about on Twitter, were pretty good. I don't think they pay as much attention to detail as fans often wish but I think Gage tends to come across well in the Q&As.

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