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August 21 2015

Nathan Fillion questions Kermit. Television's newest love triangle?

That is cute.
Lol well we know Ms Piggy likes Nathan. ..
I sure hope Mr. Fillion is going to be one of the guests on the new "Muppet" show. Of course, they could do a three-way crossover with the Muppets, "Castle" and Puppet Angel, where a Muppet is murdered and Castle and Puppet Angel are investigating from different angles and ... okay, time for me to get off the computer for awhile.
No, no, Shapenew! Great idea! Now we just have to get them to do it! Meanwhile, can't wait for the next installment of this drama! Or is it a RomCom?
And the next instalment is here...
Ahahaha! I am gong to link it on the front page.

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