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August 23 2015

Felicia Day is a New York Times Best Selling Author. Her memoir has debuted at #3 in the Non-Fiction category.

Felicia took to her Facebook page and and recorded a live video to thank fans for the milestone.

And for those who may have missed it, Felicia also did a recent collab with Tom Lenk, where they play the Theremin on her show, The Flog.

I'm so pleased for her! Has anyone read it?
@Jocelyn I have! It's excellent, IMO. Funny, witty, conversational, but at times an eye-opening experience about the hardships of being an entertainer, and the turmoil of battling depression and anxiety. Definitely captures a lot of different moods. And is ultimately uplifting.
Woo and Hoo!

Shows that all a person needs to make it in this business are brains, beauty, scary level tenacity, a heart the size of a Macy's Day balloon animal, an education that provides a working knowledge of the entire universe, bounced check framing skills, an ability to scream convincingly in a closet, exceptional gaming hand eye coordination, a camera from Sandeep, the ability to avoid panic when confronted by build-a-bear stalker cliques, and hair that Joss Whedon would like to touch (in a completely, totally, absolutely non-creepy way).

In other words, you have about one chance in 7.3 billion. Well Done!
I am so happy for her! :)

I've listened to the audio book and then read the printed version and I just loved it! It is funny, touching, relatable, insightful and inspiring! I am so glad I clicked on that link to the Guild right here on Whedonesque back in 2007! It's been a joy to watch her become the awesome badass woman she is now.
#2 for Audio Books.
Felicia Day is a triple threat.
Well, in . . . uh, two categories.
One threat category to be named later.
But it's coming! and it will be a . . . threat.
I enjoyed the book very much. She is very funny and her story is very engaging. I hope she never changes and continues to do great things. She deserves it!
I'm very happy to see this and I haven't even read it yet. Must do, must do.
I read it and I absolutely loved it. I really want the audiobook version too, although it was pretty easy to imagine her voice while reading it. Am so happy for her, she absolutely deserves this success. Can't wait to see what she's doing next :)

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