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August 26 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar reportedly to guest star In 'Those Who Can't'. Independent comedy troupe "The Grawlix" (Andrew Orvedahl, Ben Roy and Adam Cayton-Holland) have a sit-com happening soon and our beloved SMG guest stars in ep. 2!

The show will air on TruTV in The U.S. in 2016, sometime in the winter.
Very cool. This comedy troupe are local boys made good here in Denver. Basically they did some webisodes whose concept (a group of crappy high school teachers, I think) got picked up for series by TruTV. Been in development for a long time now.
I think this was a pilot for Amazon that got rejected and then TruTV picked it up. TruTV is an obscure cable channel that Turner (TNT, TBS) owns that runs only extremely cheap reality programming. This show is not currently on their schedule (or website) anywhere. Very odd.
"Been in development for a long time now."

They wrapped prin. shoot. last week. It's off to edit and voice/foley soon.
Hopefully us non-cable using Luddites will be able to get access to it somehow!
I don't think I get that station. Like with Surviving Evil, or The Guild.

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