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August 26 2015

Vulture chooses the best TV musical episodes of all time. In related news, I hear they got the mustard out.

I'm surprised the one(s) they did on Xena did not get a mention.
Supernatural did one this past year -- I was fearing it, but it turned out quite lovely,

Can I tell you how much I love that OMWF was almost in the same breath as the Lucy Scotland ep. That's a classic.

I do feel like this wasn't quite a list and rather a discussion?
The Supernatural musical episode was a fun, meta shout-out to fans, but I felt a bit jipped that none of the main characters sang. Took a lot of courage for the Buffy cast to do so (some more hesitantly than others).
The Supernatural musical episode was less a "musical episode" and more an episode about a musical.
Oh without a doubt OMWF is way way way more awesome then Supernatural's ep. Heck, OMWF is Broadway, baby.

I was just happy I could enjoy the Supernatural ep. I've struggled recently with some stories..

Mm sidebar. My youngest dribbled mustard on the rug; yup, I had to get a mustard stain out. My husband said he didn't realize it was that hard to clean up. I snapped "Whedon wrote a song about it."

Some days are more Whedony then others.
Didn't Chicago Hope do a musical? I vaguely recall...
Major gaping hole in this review: the musical numbers from "The Drew Carey Show" (good collection here: Although not original songs, it was a recurring gag rather than a one-episode special.
>> @barzai - I'm surprised the one(s) they did on Xena did not get a mention.

The Bitter Suite and Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire.
A musical episode in which the show's characters become manifestations of a Tarot Deck and perform a reading. Yep, most extraordinary hour of fictional television I've ever seen.

With 11 Emmy Nominations and 2 Wins (so far): Musical Director Joe LoDuca, accept no substitutes.

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