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August 28 2015

Brett Dalton on his role in Agents of SHIELD Season 3 - "This is not like your father's HYDRA"'. His new PS4 horror game "Until Dawn" is out now, and it's been getting some good reviews.

With torture, genocide, human experimentation and worldwide totalitarianism;
HYDRA always was a little warm and fuzzy for Ward's taste.
Okay, here's my question. The Hydra that we saw in Ant-Man, was that Ward's Hydra?
Cool news about the game, haven't upgraded to a new console yet, but been considering the PS4 for a while. Saw a trailer for the game yesterday, when I went to the movies, was intrigued by it.
So he did some acting for a game?
Yeah, he probably didn't get Nathan Fillion money for this gig but I bet there were at least three zeros on his check for a couple days work.
That's interesting. I'd check it out but I don't think I'm too good with horror games. I watched a playthrough of PT a week and a half ago and I'm still not super comfortable being in bathrooms or hallways.
The game is really good and scary. I'm 6-7 hours in and almost at the end, and I'm still at the edge of my seat. Some cheap jump scares aside, the story and acting is really good. Brett's part is big as well.
I purchased and finished the game. It is excellent. I'm a gamer and this is one of my favorites of the year. It's a true horror movie in the sense that any one in the game can die if you make the wrong choices or just can't react fast enough when the action happens. The story plays out in multiple ways depending on what you have characters do and say, and of course, how many of them you can actually keep alive.

They tried so hard to make this an authentic horror experience that there are even moments in the game where you have to hold your controller completely still to make sure your character doesn't move if you're hiding from some one. Otherwise, you may make a sound and cause the death of whichever character you're playing as at that point in time

He is EXCELLENT in this game. And the character model they used looks exactly like him and he has PLENTY of dialog in the game.

Be warned though, if you make the wrong choices while playing through the game, you might cause him to die.

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One thing I find hilarious about the game though is that he is playing a teen when he's 32 in real life, but it's not like we haven't seen that before in TV and movies

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