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October 16 2002

(SPOILER) BtVS 7x04 "Help".

So, was that a Six Feet Under shout out in the teaser, or what?

Did you catch Zachary Ty Bryan of Home Improvement fame, as 'Peter'. :D Still wanted to smack him one!

Oh, on to my "parallels" theory (yes Pele, hang on to that theory of yours, old girl): Could Cassie be a sort of 'kinder gentler' form of Dru? Didn't the ceremony summoning the demon (for riches), Avilas was it, remind you of "Reptile Boy" --- any other ties to older episodes come to mind??? [did anyone else think that the demons name sounded like a sneaker tie-in???]

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Hmmm. I've seen better episodes. This one seemed a bit we-must-show-that-buffy-really-works-as-a-counsellor-at-the-new-high-school-like. You know, a bit perfunctory... Let's hope the coming episode matches the quality of the first three.
I just noticed on the TV Guide site that we get "Selfless" and then the next week a repeat of "Lessons"----hrmmmmph! On a brighter note, on October 25th, Home & Garden Channel is showing 'Hallowe'en Homes' and one of the homes featured belongs to Julie Benz! Wish I could find a link---
I think it was a 'set up' episode. Not sure exactly what they are setting up, though. The teaser scene in the funeral home: Buffy says something about vampires, that the only way she know how to take 'em is "one at a time". Perhaps what she'll have to do by the end of the season is "think big" and take on tons of 'em, or sort out the problem at the root. (roots, connections... also a thing this season).

Buffy's so focussed on Cassie this episode, that she has no time to deal with Spike who's begging her for help. She can't be everywhere at the same time.
I wasn't that crazy about the episode as a whole, but the reference to Google made me unspeakably happy.
I found it very poignant, yet funny. Another winner. I'm all kinds of digging this season so far.
Prolific said: Buffy says something about vampires, that the only way she know how to take 'em is "one at a time".

Could be on to something there, m'dear. Aren't the nameless, faceless hooded army of whatever taking on all the slayer trainees, one at a time? Or so it would appear?? And roots...hmmm...

Moss, LOL. Getting 'googled' made me laugh out loud, and the hubster just sort of looked at me...
I really liked this ep. I thoroughly appreciated the fact that they made a tie-in website, the Buffy-as-counselor vignettes were spectacular, Cassie rocked, and most of all, I feel as though it represented a lot of growth for Buffy. But the best best best part of the ep for me was Xander's "looooove poems."

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