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August 28 2015

NBC wins bidding war for 'Time' the new Shawn Ryan time travel action drama. Developed with Eric Kripke for Sony Pictures TV, it is described as - a high-octane hour about an unlikely trio traveling through time to battle unknown criminals in order to protect history as we know it.

Sounds cool and like it will last exactly one season.
How is it Whedon related?
Shawn Ryan was a producer on Angel season 2, he wrote 5 episodes.
Didn't Joss describe Wastelanders, the project he worked on with Warren Ellis before Marvel took over this timeline, as Glengarry Glen Timecop? This sounds like Glengarry Glen Timecop.
Sounds an awful lot like the CW's Legends of Tomorrow to me.

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People travelling through time and fixing what's wrong is a common plot device. I can think of several shows that fit this description.

As they reveal more details we will learn what makes this show special.

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