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September 01 2015

Titles and run times for the four deleted/extended scenes on the UK Age of Ultron Blu-ray. These were passed by the BBFC and each scene will have Joss Whedon commentary.

Press the Components List link to see the list in full.

So that's about 15~20 minutes, right?
11 and 1/2 minutes? I know there's a deleted Maria Hill scene doing the rounds but the length time doesn't seem to match the run time of the scenes listed on the BBFC site.
It looks like just about 20 minutes of new stuff, unless the extended scenes heavily overlap with scenes in the movie. That's not bad. I think only a couple of the other movies have a comparable load. Still wish we could get an Iron Man 1/2-esque bonus disc steeped in supplements, but I suppose this'll do.

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Joss commentary on the deleted scenes? I like it. I expect we'll hear why the scenes were removed or changed.
Good to see the 'Norn Cave' scene included. Exactly what went down with Thor in that cave has been a pretty big question mark for a lot of folks.
Apparently the deleted Loki scene is not included. And so begins the sighs of a thousand fans...

Mine included
Yes I saw that tweet. The commentary sounds good though. I wonder if Disney are holding back for a re-release down the line.

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