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"Did I fall asleep?"
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September 01 2015

Fran Kranz talks 'Bloodsucking Bastards' (and why he wants to be killed by Thor). He also speculates on what Joss might do next.

A musical? Sounds likely to me. It's been months and months since we heard what Joss was doing. I can't believe he is still relaxing- if he ever did.
Whatever he is doing. he is doing a great job of keeping it quiet. I'm anticipating a surprise trailer at the star wars premiere of "Serenity Two: Zoe's Recovery." or something really big being connected to Joss's original work.
Well, "Twist" has taken up some of his time. Isn't that supposed to be six issues? I've seen several comic authors say that they spend about one week writing each issue. If that's right for Joss, then that's a month and a half of his time.

He may also be spending extra time with his family. It would be good to remind his children what he looks like before he disappears into another project.

Plus there's DVD commentary for Age of Ultron, reviewing the scripts for SHIELD season 3, and the other little stuff. Given those things, I'd guess that he's finished "Twist" and started on the next project, but he's not very far into it yet. That's a pretty rough guess, though.

As for Fran, I love his dream. I can see being killed by Thor and leaving that on your demo reel forever.
His death would be beautiful.
Joss, I'm still waiting for your answer to my question to come to fruition. Musical Musical Musical Whee! Joss Answers Your Questions - 2009

(And cast Fran!)
Cast Fran Kranz in SHIELD already, please? Love that guy!
I picture him fitting in better in Agent Carter. I see him as a 1940s con man in a snappy fedora.
Instead of editing, i'll just add.. I hope Joss is actually being secret about collaborating with Drew again.
Wouldn't normally rush out to see this movie, but Fran Kranz and Pedro Pascal? Don't think I can resist.

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