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September 02 2015

Information about the new Serenity comic. It will be out in 2016.

I'm still wondering who's writing it. That's the one piece of information I believe we haven't gotten yet.
Makes me wonder if it's Joss. Keep a lid on it, then make a big announcement.
Probably Zack since i read somewhere in an interview he is in creative control of firefly comics.
lucnex, Zack told the Nerdist he wasn't writing past Leaves on the Wind

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As speculated back in July, I think we might expect some news in all fronts from NYCC next month.
Plus Zack's recently been busy directing his feature (from memory.)
So I wouldn't be surprised if Joss was writing (or co-writing) this new batch of Serenity comics.
Would love to see Tim Minear write some Serenity comics...
This is great news! Very happy and looking forward to 2016.

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