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September 02 2015

'The Muppets' beg Clark Gregg for 'Agents of SHIELD' inside info. In a bit of turnabout, this time the Muppets star in an Agents of SHIELD promo with Clark Gregg.

What is Clark Gregg doing with two hands?
I thought he was more of a method actor than that.
I have a new favorite Agent. Funny, he looks a lot like my all time favorite muppet.
Yeah, and "Agent Animal" has a nice ring to it. My favorite of these promos so far though I haven't seen them all.
I just wanna lurk on set while these are being shot... I hope the outtakes get distributed somehow.
Does the make Animal the second Inhuman agent, after Skye?
That looks like a very strong line up for Tuesday. Fresh Off the Boat has gotten good reviews, and I'll bet lots of people will tune in for a new Muppets show. Maybe we'll see a rise in viewers!
Very silly indeed! What you said, tomg.
3rd seasons don't tend to increase. If AOS stays within -10% of last seasons numbers it will be a huge win. Anything better than that would be exceptional.
I am not joking when I say this: I would love to see Animal play an agent on Agents of SHIELD. I would completely, immediately and without effort suspend all the disbelief necessary to accept Animal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If Rocket and Howard can be in Guardians of the Galaxy, the notion of Agent Animal is completely believable. Not only would it work - it would improve the show. This is my honest, unironic opinion.

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