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September 02 2015

DubSmash War for Charity, Day 1. To the Death!

Interesting that in another topic, the Muppets are pumping Clark Gregg for information when ... well, watch Team Carter's video!

Team Carter is way ahead - Team SHIELD better get on it.
Imo Team Carter goofed. Their spot reminds me too much of a promo. As for the lead in votes the fact that AoS got any votes
at all based on no product ain't that bad. Next Tuesday when its our turn we'll clobber them.
Am I missing something? There are 3 rounds. Isn't Team SHIELD supposed to have their video up at the same time for comparison/voting. I don't understand "next Tuesday" for some reason.
Yeah - it'd make more sense if both videos hit together so you could actually "vote" on your favorite. Great idea, and I'm sure with both shows now shooting this is difficult to pull together, but in the future it might make sense to wait until they're both ready to drop
Finally! And it was worth the wait...Patton Oswalt!!

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