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September 03 2015

(SPOILER) New "Agents of SHIELD" video unveils Lincoln's new codename, power set. Marvel has released a video showing what Lincoln's new codename in Season 3 will be.

It's "Sparkplug," which is a nickname given to him last season, I believe.

I seriously hope that they are not going to actually call him that. Its ridiculous.
Uh, does anyone have a link to the actual video? Incredibly, the article does not.
@Agent the video plays fine for me in the article. It's only 34 seconds with no new footage.

Sparkplug, maybe it can work ironically but this is what happens when the X-Men take all the good codenames.
I feel like he says "Hey!" quite a lot before he attacks. Could that be a superpower of its own, or maybe a precursor to an attack that could be somehow mapped and defended against? If the target of an attack was to shout "HEY, YOURSELF!" while dropping into a fetal position, the attacker would only be able to stand askance and possibly agog. (However, it's been said that the best defense is a good offense, so maybe some hair-raising expletive or other should be offered up... This is actually not much of a problem for most people who are subjected to a superpowered attack, and I have to say that it is lamentable how only the well-mannered bad guys get zapped as a result.) Moral: Don't tackle your friend to the ground when they greet you at the door with a kind word.
"Sparkplug, maybe it can work ironically but this is what happens when the X-Men take all the good codenames."

You mean like Maggot, Box, Boom-Boom, etc. :P

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