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April 04 2004

The WB recognizes food drive but declines challenge to meet donations. Doesn't that just figure. Also, there is a new themed-donation schedule (yay for April 7!) and I thought this food bank press release was pretty darn cool too.

I have a few choice words that I'd like to say, but they're better left for mumbling to myself ;)

Stupid of them, though. They could have garnered a nice bit of good will doing it.
Well, hey, $11,000, that's too much money for such a poor, little network to wrangle up. I bet if they just asked their employees to donate a bit of money, they could have that in a couple of weeks. Losers.
Yeah that kind of money is peanuts for those a=-holes. But hey that would mean another exec would miss one of his bermuda vacations at the company's expense. What a bunch of shmucks.
Hell,I just got let back into the WB Angel board after a 2 month banning.Nothing surprises me about those heartless bastards!

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