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"I need better back-up than C3PO and Stick Figure Barbie."
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September 04 2015

The unfinished projects of Joss Whedon. Den of Geek rounds up Joss projects that currently remain uncompleted.

I still have hope for "Ripper". Or a spin-off with new slayers, or Fray. There's so much potential with the Buffyverse, you don't need the original characters to make something great.
I wanna see what Wastelanders is about!
I think I recall Joss saying that Wastelanders was unlikely to move forward because they'd waited too long and it would no longer be very relevant. Warren Ellis is a futurist and his stuff kind of needs to be up to the minute. Also, he's had health issues recently and needs to dial back on his workload. But I really hope they can get together for something.
Free Goners!
I need a story about a gurlcat with meow. She's cute and purr.
I'd still love to see Goners, Wastelanders, and the Serving Girl--all three have fascinated me, ever since they were first announced.

Hope he's able to do something with one of these ideas--or that he's got something else up his sleeve that's new, unexpected, and surprising.

Also, I'm very excited for Twist.

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