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"Phil? His first name is Agent."
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September 04 2015

Watch a preview of Agents of SHIELD Season 3. The clip is introduced by Chloe Bennet and Clark Gregg.

Pretty cool. Tension between Mack and Lincoln and a pretty good Lash silhouette. I wonder what the actual actor will look like though.

Random clips of the team but Simmons (obviously) and I think May were missing.

Looks like "Joey" has flame powers. The show's version of Inferno perhaps?
3 things to take away from this. 1) No Simmons?!?! 2)Skye introduced herself as Daisy and 3)Lash is a big guy.
LASH!!!! So excited.
I thought it interesting that Daisy introduced herself as a Shield Agent to a complete stranger.
Maybe SHIELD has been rehabilitated in the public's eye since former members helped evacuate Sokovian citizens in Age of Ultron.
Someone slips a bag over Fitz's head, too. I wonder if he's getting abducted.
Or that's just something he's into.
Some people juggle geese.
There's no judging in the Dollhouse.
Some people judge geese.

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