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April 03 2004

Joss' Chosen commentary. Transcribed by DebW of BAPS, from the S7 dvd set just out in the UK.

Nice, but it's not a straightforward transcript with the added shipper comments. Plus, the run on sentences make it hard to read.
I'm torn between reading this (I'm a commentary junkie) and waiting until I get the DVD, which won't be for at least 7 more months. Arrgh! What to do, what to do?
I got the set this morning and really cant understand what the guy who reviewed this earlier in the week had agaist the commentaries (I've watched both the Joss ones).

Joss' commentary for "Lessons" is quite funny and informative (as his commentaries always are), at one point David Solomon suggests that he only wrote the England bits to get a free trip, Joss insists that thats not true and that they were done for "art". They also kill people hope of Spike having his "Lessons" hair if he were in a spinoff, Joss didn't like it, and they did their best to fix it in post. He also says that anyone who didn't get that it was the final season from the last scene of the episode was truly missing the point (which would prove, as Ive always believed, that that story about Aly finding out it was the final season from "Entertainment Weekly" was rubbish). Joss also continues claiming to have invented stuff, in the Q&A session on the season 6 disc he claimed to have invented the "plot-twist", in the "Lessons" commentary, he claims to have invented film itself.

Also, the bit in his "Chosen" commentary where Buffy and Spike hold hands was great, because the point was that Buffy did love Spike, yay Spuffy!

The only annoying bit is that he mentions scenes for both episodes that were filmed, yet cut from the final edits, I wish these could be on the disc, but I guess I cant complain. I finally own all 144 episodes of TVs greatest show on DVD, and anything on top of that has been welcome bonuses.

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I missed it! It's out here and I haven't bought it yet! Bugger! When did that happen?
Don't panic, it's released on Monday, I think it was just internet preorders that got it today, at least that's how I got mine.
beautiful commentary. i can't believe i didnt get that "get out of my face" was a pun- brilliant. and i didnt catch the last andrew thing either, about the stories. i love joss.
I'm annoyed by the Spuffy shipper comments from the writer and the skipping around to other scenes. Hopefully it only happens twice.

Yes I gave in and am starting to read it. Hopefully I won't be disappointed when I listen to it on DVD.

It's just amazing to get the behind-the-scenes insight from the creator of a TV show, and even better when the insight is coming from Whedon about Buffy. I love his commentary most of all the writers/directors. This is a fantastic extra and I just can't watit to get this season on DVD!

I am probably one of the very few that ranks season 7 as pretty high on my list of favorite Buffy seasons, although 4 others have made that list too and I have difficulty deciding which ones I like more.

I am in awe of Joss' vision. Anything else I say will sound crazy fan-girly so I'll stop now.

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Well, I'm really glad that was posted as I can't afford DVDs right now, but the run on sentences made me picture Joss talking in this really stupid, droning way. Ah well. I also didn't catch that Andrew was making up stories in the end--I always thought I was just misreading how Anya died, and that I hadn't realised she was saving Andrew.
after reading that i think that joss doesnt realize how many people like the idea of angel and buffy being together. im sorry, but there are just as many people out there who want it, as to who dont. very dissapointing but everything else was great.

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.....are you kidding? joss made it clear that he DEFINITELY KNOWS how many people are crazy about buffy/angel. go back and re-read the Parker comments. ha, it was hilarious.
I think Joss believes almost all Buffyverse fans want a Buffy/Angel ending, while in reality there's probably just as many people that want a Buffy/Spike ending.

I'm actually glad he believs we all want a Bangel ending, because since when does Joss give the audience what he believes they want, it gives me hope for a Spuffy ending.

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"Something hopefully iconic enough and something to give people hope that Buffy and Angel might one day work out because some fans, now I realise not many but there were a few fans who feel that the Buffy Angel romance was like a big deal and clearly I thought Parker was the most important romantic relationship of her life other people disagreed that's fine I guess they can do that they care about the Angel thing, some people care about the Spike thing I don't know why we couldn't get Parker in there too but apparently no you know whatever so that vocal minority who care about Buffy and Angel meant that we had to do service by him."

am i reading this wrong, he says that he wanted to give people the idea that angel and buffy could work things out, because some fans wanted it, but he realized it wasnt many. am i just reading that wrong cuz it sounds like he didnt think many peopl wanted buffy and angel to be together? someone please help :)
Norman, I think Joss was being sarcastic. I'm sure he's well aware of how many Bangel shippers are out there, as well as Spuffy shippers.
yeah i guess it would be a lot easier to tell if i actually heard and not read it. guess ill have to wait to see.
Well he was saying that they should have had Parker in there. If he hadn't said that I wouldn't know from reading it that it was sarcasm.
Love the commentary by Joss.

A significant number of fans do not want a B/A ending (and yes, there are some that would prefer it happen)and felt that DB's apprearance in "EOD" and "Chosen" came out of left field and made little sense to the storyline.

Personally, (although if given a choice between S/B and B/A, I'd prefer S/B)I'd like to see Buffy and the boys move on. My impression of the commentary is that Joss would like the same. (while continuing to tease the shippers)
Deb W got in contact with me via a friend and asked that her post be changed to that where the Shipper comments have been removed. The original link to the ATPoBTVSandAts board, can be found here. And regarding the run on sentences, she made mention that she just typed it the way that Joss spoke it.
A significant number of fans do not want a B/A ending

yeah but i significant number do, thats why i was confused when i read it cuz it sounded like he didnt realize it. owell, i will wait to get it before try to understand what he meant :)
First off, thank-you to Deb for taking so much time to transcribe the commentary.

I think the most important thing Joss said during the commentary was at the end...

"I wanted it to just be everyone and to end with the close up of Buffy because what this shot ultimately is about is what a lot of the shows about which is that the story goes on that there is closure but not a closing that what we've seen is a life being formed like the cookie dough speech explains, this a life in progress a life that in some ways is just beginning, like that smile."

Chosen wasn't an end but a life that is still becoming, still being formed. Ships may be part of what the show is about but not the only thing. I don't care if Buffy ends up with Angel or Spike, what I cared about was what Joss summed up in his final line. Life forms, it changes, it becomes.


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