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September 08 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron is out now on digital release. It's available at Amazon, iTunes, VUDU, Google Play and Disney Movies Anywhere.

The trimmed scenes in the bonus materials were interesting, but I didn't feel there were any major story lines that lost anything vital by the final cut. There was a little more texture and nuance to the Banner-Romanov and Selvig-Thor threads, but it would have been paid for by putting the whole movie in first gear for about ten minutes. So, glad I got to see them, but glad they're not in the movie.
Watching it now. It's great to watch Joss's work, and hear his words. I really love this movie!
I think many people who only saw it once are going to really get a kick out of it after seeing it a few more times, it gets better with each viewing (seen it 4 times now at the theater).

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