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September 08 2015

(SPOILER) TVLine's Fall TV preview for Agents of SHIELD. Jeff Bell hints at the various threats the team will face in Season 3. Slight mention of the possible spin-off as well.

Bell teases "fun stuff" on the "What happened to Jemma?" front

Like she goes to Disney World?
Like she goes to Disney World?

And then she comes back wrong.

Cut to: hot love making with Ward while buildings crumble around them.

...err what? Why are y'all looking at me like that? :D

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Wait there were online rumors that may has a diminished role? Never even heard that. Where do these "rumors" come from?
Time to take wagers on what happens to Jemma. We all expect her to turn into some sort of monster or intergalactic bounty hunter. Or maybe she just learns to lie really well. Or instead, she's in a portal from one galaxy to another, and she tries to keep whatever is coming from getting to Earth.
@mark214-The only thing I've heard is that when the show picks up, May hasn't returned from her "vacation" with Andrew yet, and Andrew will be around more then last year. I think some people were just jumping to conclusions.

@Nebula-Since we know she is still missing when the show comes back and based on the actress' comments about being surprised and budget I'm guessing it's some sort of portal.
@mark214 'Exaggerated' sounds alarmingly like 'have some truth to them'.

I hope this is a Mark-Twain-death degree of exaggeration. I'd prefer it if the entire show were May hitting bad guys while looking underwhelmed.

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