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September 10 2015

The 'Angel' Easter Egg in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. Did you spot it?

So it is confirmed. I remember watching the sequence, and telling myself, "that has to be it, right?". But it is so fast, that I couldn't be sure". Awesome.
I totally missed that. Damn, now I need to buy the DVD and rewatch it.
This is the best.

I have to rewatch the movie now ... I completely missed this the first time.
Wow, this is brilliant. Don't even remember that shot and I've seen the movie twice.
At the time, I thought it might have been a "Cabin" reference. Got it now!
My son and I noticed this in the theater when we saw it the first time. Weren't sure we actually saw what we saw, but should have known better.
I saw the masks but didn't make the connection. This is perfect. Wonder if there are other JW shows in there?
When I saw it, I had a sense that it's familiar and I should recognize it but that sequence was so fast I didn't think about it again. Cool.

Plus, offers fodder to fic writers that think about a crossover between the verses.

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Yes, lots of potential for Wolfram and Hart being observers in the MCU dimension or they're actually manipulating the major MCU players for unknown purposes.
The line about a "big damn stick" always makes me think of Zoe Washburn.
How are people listening to the commentary already? I bought the iTunes version and it didn't come with commentary.
I had the same experience with the iTunes version. No commentary included, it seems!
I didn't get it with my version, either. I feel ripped off.
It could be that some one said Joss said it in the commentary but no one has actually checked to make sure.
On Tumblr people are quoting/discussing the movie and the deleted scenes commentary. I've avoided it because I don't want to be spoiled. There's either a leak or some outlet has released the commentary. Maybe Amazon?
I've not seen the deleted scenes commentary up anywhere. Though the scenes themselves were on youtube at one point. As for the full film commentary itself, it's out there all right. Sites that I won't mention here have it for 'unofficial' download. I don't know if this means the bluray's available someplace in the world, or if one of the amazon/i-tunes etc download options has it as an alternate audio track in addition to foreign langauges.

Doesn't really affect me as I'll be buying the 3d bluray the day it's on release in the UK. Heck, last time around I bought both the UK and US versions just to get that commentary. As I really love Joss's solo ones. He always make you feel like he's sitting there right with you..
And getting back on topic. I REALLY love that Joss snuck that in there. Angel was my favourite show of his. In fact it might even be my favourite show of all time. (I go back and forth between it and Quantum Leap.)

So the idea that for the briefest of instances the two universes overlap, in a 'seeing all powerful figures who can look in on other dimensions' sort of way, pleases me greatly! I've always loved the idea of all the different fictional universes existing together side by side, and only ever seeing each other/being aware of another one, in some very specific special moments.

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For some reason I've only ever listened to two Joss commentaries - Avengers and The Body. I should probably get busy on the rest of them.
Very cool. I always wanted to see the beings/ancients/Old Ones/demons or whatever that were Wolfram & Hart, ever since Illyria (I think it was?) mentioned them as three distinct beings. Earlier potential hint was the three talismans or books or whatever it was that Wesley put together in Pylea at the end of Season 2.

Illyria's first words on-screen fit here; "This will do".

In the same way that the short-lived series Profit was almost connected to Angel, I wouldn't hate a bit more sly universe-mashing references or even appearances by Buffyverse characters or objects in the MCU...
The best Joss commentary, and possibly best commentary I've ever listened to, is "Objects in Space" Firefly. Though, I do love the commentary musical.
Just listened to the commentary. I thought he was gonna forget to bring it up again after referencing it briefly and vaguely during the scene but he goes into it at the end of the movie and closes out with it without revealing what it actually means for people who don't already know. Which makes it even cooler. Like he's talking directly to us. Got actual chills. Also love the reasoning behind it since it's not just a random shoutout.

I love Joss commentaries so much. They're the reason I started caring about commentaries but rarely do other commentaries stack up to Joss insights into his work.
They've made it W,R, & H are active in multiple dimensions within the Buffy multiverse, so not surprising they can intrude into other multiverses.

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