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September 11 2015

Drew Goddard scripted 'The Martian' launches to acclaim at TIFF. Goddard adapted Andy Weir's bestselling novel for the screen, preserving and translating it's sass and science-speak. Ridley Scott directs.

Drew Goddard adapted Andy Weir's bestselling novel for the screen, preserving and translating it's sass and accessible science-speak. Ridley Scott was brought on to direct after Drew exited the project. A certain Operative also has a supporting role.

Can't frickin' wait. Have gotten back into sci-fi lit. in a big way this past year after dipping my toe and then a whole foot into The Expanse, but haven't gotten around to The Martian yet (which sounds more like a space drama/speculative fiction like Gravity, than what we would traditionally label sci-fi). Will probably see the film before touching the novel. If I'd been free this week, might've gone down to the Toronto Film Fest and tried the rush lines.

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I discovered the book last year and finished it in two days; I just could not stop. The climactic sequence was a true nail biter, and I kept imagining how this would appear onscreen. I was very happy to hear that Drew Goddard wrote the screenplay and worked closely with author Andy Weir to make sure he got the science right and that it would be directed by Ridley Scott. The book truly was amazing in terms of the amount of science packed into trying to solve the numerous, life threatening situations the main character Mark Whatney would find himself in. What really made it enjoyable was the amount of humor in the book too, some of which was just laugh out loud funny, especially with the foul mouthed NASA spokesperson Annie Montrose, played by Kristen Wiig in the movie, and the jokes made at the expense of disco music and 70's TV shows.
Just got back from Trumbo, and Alan Tudyk has a good-sized part. Whedonverse at TIFF!

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