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September 13 2015

Drew Goddard on the chances of a sequel to 'The Cabin in the Woods'. Has he and Joss talked about it? Yes. Would they want to do it? Well it doesn't look like it but as Drew says, "it all depends on how we wake up in the morning".

Another collaboration would be fine, but not every movie needs a sequel. It would diminish CITW to make one.
I stand by IMDb from 3 1/2 years ago:

Immediately after an early preview screening with fan Q&A,
the first question Director Drew Goddard was asked was, "Will there be a sequel?"
To which he responded, "Have you seen the ending to my movie?"
I will say the ending of Cabin isn't quite as a apocalyptic as some think. Sure, we see a giant God hand come out from the ground, but so what? Buffy and The Avengers could show up, fight the God, and avert yet another apocalypse. "Puny God." ;-)
A sequel exploring the genre conventions of the Post-Apocalyptic narrative could be interesting, rather than trying to simply re-do horror tropes of the first one.
(But I'd be happy for the film to remain stand-alone and have Joss & Drew collaborate on something else.)
@rg253: yea I could see a sequel that does not do Cabin-style horror tropes again but goes after a different genre. Not a same-genre franchise but a conceptual-franchise.

Or just make anything! :D
They could be very post-post modern and do a remake of the first one and deliberately show how bad a lot of horror remakes are these days.
I was just rewatching the ending and I realized for the first time that Dana is now a werewolf and invulnerable to everything but silver.

The old one's hand didn't seem to have any rings or bracelets. Hmmmm....
Lets not forget that Joss wrote a sequel to a movie in wich the main character DIED. And he brought her back in a very elegant and believeable way. (Then the director came and screwed it all up but ... ahhh well). So if there has to be a sequel to Cabin, Joss and Drew could pull it off. Like it was said above, the formula of meta-criticising could be applied to another genre in a sequel. Wether it SHOULD be done is another question. However, I can already see the studios that want a sequel going:"We love it, we want a sequel... but this time, can you dumb it down a little so we get more viewers ?"
And the very same actor who died and was brought back in the other movie, also died in "Cabin", so Joss can bring her back here as well. I mean she died in her last movie and she's already signed up for three sequels to that. We're going to start calling her 'Bungie' Weaver.
I think they should turn their efforts instead to making another awesome original movie.

If they did a sequel, it would cheapen the ending of the original. I for one like the idea that Marty and Dana made their decision, and that our world ended shortly thereafter. It was a very bold storytelling choice, regardless of whether or not you agreed with Marty and Dana's decision.

The big twist of the story has already been used, and so have all the horror tropes themselves. So any sequel would probably not be a horror film, and really would serve no purpose as a sequel.

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The problem with a sequel (or spin-off) is that yes, there's a lot more to be explored in this world, but we've already had the big reveal of the monster cubes and the ancient gods and the sacrifices. What made it great was that they didn't hold anything back.

Even with another connected film deconstructing a different genre, they'd be locked into expectations of twist after amazing twist. If they didn't deliver, everyone would compare it negatively to the original, and if they did, the twists themselves would no longer be surprises. I think if they do want to do another conceptual film like this they'd be better starting fresh. (Though I like imagining a poster for 'The Cabin in the Woods 2' and a picture of a post-apocalyptic desert.)
Maybe they should with the two comic book tie-ins that never actually happened.
From a monetary standpoint, I don't see a point in a sequel. If they do an entirely new movie and the poster says, "From the makers of 'Cabin in the Woods'", then everyone who loved "Cabin in the Woods" will see it.
Well, one could look at "Cloverfield," written by Drew Goddard, as the "Cabin in the Woods" sequel that just got made first :)

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