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April 03 2004

Wonderfalls cancelled. Tim Minear reveals that Wonderfalls has been cancelled.

wow that didnt last long at all.............oh well
F***! I had just fallen in love with the show, too! F***!
Wow, they didn't even give it a chance. How come Tru Calling was given such a big chance to find an audience and other shows aren't. It makes no sense to me. What else do they have to offer that they can't even finish out the remaining episodes. Perhaps they are planning on airing Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's new reality show. That ought to be mighty interesting to viewers to see Bobby in and out of jail for drug use and skipping on paying his child support and Whitney just acting like a lunatic. Quality TV - Fox style!
It's really a shame. That was an amazing show, you know. It had such great potential. God damn network suits! Grrrr! *Shakes fist and runs off yelling obscenities*

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Gah this is so s****y. This show was just starting to pick up its speed.

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As Joss said, reality programming is ruining the television landscape.
okay, seems your post didn't show up until after I posted mine, so mods, go right ahead and delete mine:) Bloody AOL.

I think I'm cursed - every show I like gets cancelled.
I know these things are pretty much useless, but someone had already started a petition from the beginning of the show to save it... here's the link.
i am upset i really like(d) this show, i am so sick of crap like forever eden and the bachelors best friends mother etc. this sucks.
I think a petition to try and save it is just pointless because they only aired four episodes. They obviously never intended on backing this show at all. But that's my feelings. If some people want to give it a try don't let me stop you. I just don't have the energy to try and save, yet another, quality television show that was ended before it's time for no good reason.
So now here's my question... are they still airing next week's or did Tim mean that it's totally over with... not even the cow creamer episode?
I don't get it, if the entire season's already been filmed, why not show it all and then decide whether or not to renew it? They've already paid for it, why don't they get their moneys worth at least? There is no logic. :(

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I am furious. That's it. Barring an Angel spinoff, it's going to be entirely HBO and netflix for me from now on. What a bunch of morons. I hate network television now. Hate it. I really have no other words.
Well, we just have to face facts that OUR idea of quality television is different from the idiots that watch all those reality shows. Can't blame the inanity of the shows or the stupid execs, if those shows weren't so popular, they wouldn't be on the air. But they take precedence over anything with a decent script and potential. Oddly, I'm not surprised at this, but this soon? Holy crap!
This must be a belated April Fools joke.

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home...


I was being melodramatic, but it is nonetheless disheartening to see a good show given next to no chance to succeed. Pitting Jaye et al against a first-run episode of CSI is hardly a way to increase your audience. WTF...

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I agree with blwessels - Fox *never* intended to give the show a fighting chance.
Wow, I had "four episodes until it's cancelled" in the pool. I win! Oy.

I never really cottoned to the show, although I kept watching in hopes that I would. Still, it's sad news. At least they were attempting something original, which is more than can be said about most TV these days.
Shame on Fox for not giving this show a chance.... All thirteen episodes are produced and really, what will they air in it's stead? World's Wildest Police Chases or some other inane drivel that will get marginally, if at all, better ratings. Why not suck it up and see if an audience develops. I guess I just don't get it. I'm just tired of anything that remotely borders on decent television getting the boot almost instantaneously while shit like Average Joe, etc. endures on. It's almost as though if you're not a real person in a wholly unreal situation, or set in a police station or a hospital you've got next to no chance of survival and an even slimer chance of making any sort of dent in the ratings... I love living in a country full of morons. Perhaps I'll go in to business and start a new network called SmarTV and nurture quality programming and entertainment....
Ok it's time to start the all out postcard campaign to get it on DVD so it can sell out enough to maybe get another chance at life down the road. We need to send postcards to Mike Dunn and Steve Feldstein who are the president and vp of the FOX home entertainment divison. It worked for Family Guy and Firefly so lets work it for Wonderfalls.
What?! Idiots. There needs to be a blog devoted to the inanity of FOX.
I'm starting to think we need to start our own, viewer-sponsored channel for INTELLIGENT tv.
Didn't you guys see the ratings for Wondefalls? They were pretty bad...2.1 million is a dismal failure for a show on Fox...This should not be that big of a surprise.
It is very possible that a lot of people didn't know the show had moved to Thursday nights. They also started it on a Thursday that was showing first run shows of CSI and The Apprentice which are huge ratings winners. So is it a shock that it didn't do well on that night to anyone. If they really wanted to give it a chance promote heavily they were moving it to another night and put it on a night that doesn't have much going for it like Mondays or Tuesdays. I only found out it had been moved to Thursdays because of this site and people mentioning it.
No logic indeed Snidgemma!

I would love to hear Fox's reason for cancelling. Anything they say will be undermined by the fact that they gave it only 4 episodes.

I wonder if TV execs actually watch the dreck they shovel.
I'm with blwessels. Sure, the ratings were pretty dismal, but what did Fox expect? They moved the show around hither and thither, they didn't pair it with anything suitable, it wasn't properly promoted. And Fox didn't give it enough time to build an audience. I fail to understand the logic of sticking with ratings loser Tru Calling and cancelling the much ballyhooed Wonderfalls after FOUR lousy episodes.

If Seinfeld or X-Files debuted in today's network tv world, they'd be cancelled, pronto. Those shows debuted to low ratings and were allowed a chance to grow. Things are different nowadays. We're stuck in a moronic mass insta-fix mentality. I'm sick of it.
What. The. ****.

This is ridiculous! Why bother airing it at all if they weren't even planning on giving it a chance? Stupid network executives. If they replace it with a reality show, I'm going to scream! I just don't get it, why do they cancel every show that's half decent? They dangle it in front of us, and then take it away. It's just so frustrating!
talented_blink - go ahead and scream then cause they are moving "forever eden" back to that spot, as well as airing in the Friday 9pm slot as well, this week.

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Uh, "Forever Eden"? Dare I even ask?? Maybe I'm better off not knowing what that is...
I'm hardly surprised but still upset. 4 episodes? How much of a shot do you give a show after 4 episodes? Someone needs to pull the plug on Fox. Why invest in TV shows that you don't understand and are not willing to support? The only thing done is build ill will from the people who search out & support these shows. In the past year I've lost Farscape, Miracles, Firefly, Karen Sisco, Angel and now, Wonderfalls. I'm to the point where I'm unwilling to support any new series in the fear that the plug will get pulled before the show has a chance. Thanks for nothing Fox. You watch, this will make a done of cash on the DVD set.
As for not promoting it - this time FOX did promote it, heavily during American Idol but rescently FOX execs are realizing that AI's numbers are not transfering viewers to any of the series they are using it to promote. Everybody yells about 'How does Tru Calling survive?' and I'll tell you - demos - Tru was set out for the 18-34 & 18-49 female market and it exceeded the expectations of FOX keeping the network in 3rd place for that hour in those demos. As Tim had said Wonderfalls did not test well with women and so actually I don't think they knew what demo the advertisers would be able to target with the show and at the end of the day it's all about the money. If they cannot sell the advertising for the show based on ratings either broad based meaning like AI it gets high numbers or if it's a low rated show the only thing that can save it is a strong demo base, men, women, or kids and so on. If they don't have that then the show is not long for broadcast and that is what cause Wonderfalls to fall - I think FOX aimed it for a strong women demo and when that failed they didn't know what to do, so they did what they normally do bounce it around. As for moving it to Mon or Tue when nothing else is on. Well there is something on Mon is FOX comedy night and Tue is AI and 24. These are strong shows that are getting big numbers for FOX and they are not likely to move them because they are not exceedingly strong shows on other nights. Outside of AI and the Simpsons FOX has no strong anchor shows and they know it, so they are not willing to lose the audience they have on those nights to give new shows a chance.
RavenU - did they promote the move to Thursdays heavily? That's what I meant. I didn't know it was moving until I read it on this site.

Maybe the problems with all these networks is trying to stick a show with one particular audience and not looking at the audience as a whole. To me, if Wonderfalls was getting similar numbers to what Tru Calling initially got it shouldn't matter who the audience is. I'm not against Tru Calling. I don't watch it but others have said they enjoy it. I'm glad it was given a chance. But for a show to only air four out of 13 filmed episodes is just a real shame. They should've kept it on Friday's at least and gave it the full 13 episodes to see where it went. They should do that with any show that is new.

I'm losing faith in all the networks. I'm afraid to watch a new show because why get all invested in a storyline and great characters to only have it yanked after a handful of episodes. I stopped watching Fox after Firefly and started up again just because of Wonderfalls. I loved Miracles and that was building a great ongoing story that was also abruptly ended. I missed the first episode of Karen Sisko accidentally, had wanted to watch it but then I heard the ratings weren't what CBS expected so I knew what was coming and didn't bother watching that. I think people all over the country are becoming so disgusted with the quick cancellations of television shows that they just are not tuning in even if a show sounds promising, especially on a network like Fox who has a reputation for doing this sort of thing.

As for reality shows being more popular and having more viewers, I don't think that's the case. They are just plain cheap to produce, if they flop it's not a big deal for the networks, they'll just think of another stupid idea and hope there's an audience.
I have zero reason to flick on the TV after May. None. This is abysmal.

I have zero reason to flick on the TV after May. None. This is abysmal.

There are still reasons to tune in, despite and—ironically—because of Fox. The Shield and Nip/Tuck are two top-notch dramas on FX. Of course, Fox hasn't completely spared FX from its "logic": it canned Lucky despite excellent reviews.

The only back-scratchers left for my comedy itch, now that Wonderfalls has been pulled under, are Scrubs and Chappelle's Show. But Scrubs is getting shoddy treatment from its network too, so perhaps it's time to brace myself for the inevitable...
I like Nip/Tuck enough that I'll watch if it happens to be on (because sometimes you do turn on the television just to find SNL reruns to veg on), but it's not appointment TV for me by any stretch (the assets of Julian McMahon aside).
I like Nip/Tuck enough that I'll watch if it happens to be on ..., but it's not appointment TV for me by any stretch...

I wouldn't go so far as to say that Nip/Tuck and The Shield have me counting the days/hours/minutes between airings, but I do make sure my DVR is set to record them ;)

There are still shows worth watching, even if those shows don't evoke the fierce loyalty of Buffy, etc.

Other shows on my short list, for the curious:

Chappelle's Show
American Chopper (hey, for Bill Hicks it was COPS; for me it's the Teutuls!)
Ok I didn't love the show as much as some, but I did like it and it was growing on me more and more. Now the ratings were low, but so were Tru's in the beginning. I know what RavenU is saying about that female demographic, but still, 4 episodes is ridiculously little.

Especially since one of the four was in a new timeslot. When you move a show to a new timeslot you have to give it a chance, otherwise, why bother?? No show is going to have a complete turnaround on the first night of it's new timeslot! I like Scrubs, but I've missed a lot because I keep forgetting that it's on Tuesday now.

As for other shows....Chapelles' show is funny. Didn't expect it to be. Scrubs I like but as I said....the new timeslot. Gilmore Girls is a guilty pleasure. Occasional South Park here and there. ER I was into for a while, but gradually lost interest after Mark Green died.

And yeah I'm with Hicks. COPS. Fun to have on. Look at weirdos, hookers and drunken rednecks explain to the officers that that crack pipe may have come from inside their pants but REALLY isn't theirs! Hehehe.

Bill Hicks. The man. If only he was alive today to comment on the current going-ons in society.....
And man! They announced next week's episode of WOnderfalls with the trailer ("Next week, on Wonderfalls") and now they're not even showing THAT??? Sorry just read that.
B*st*rds, this show was good dammit, how can Fox justify cancelling this, when "Tru Calling" is still on the air.
Am I to understand that "Pink Flamingoes" was the last episode Fox will air, now I just have to hope British Sci Fi channel picks it up so I can see the whole series (as with Lone Gunmen and Firefly).
Gilmore Girls is a guilty pleasure.

How could I have forgotten that show! Great dialog and... mmmmm... Lauren Graham...

Bill Hicks. The man. If only he was alive today to comment on the current going-ons in society.....

It's funny listening to his Gulf War bits... they pretty much fit Bush Jr's escapades to a tee.
Money,money, freakin Money...quality show production costs..Bad bad..hurts Network bottom line.Reality shows, cheap quick and easy.....good good and freaking good.... Friggin 'Reality shows' are the penultimate big bad!
Bugger it. I specificially add a new category to Whedonesque cause Timmy's involved in this show and Fox have to go and cancel it. Grrrrr. So much for giving shows a chance. I tell you if Buffy had started this year, it would have been cancelled after 'Teacher's Pet'.
We must conform and bow to the Fox overlords and watch their chosen fodder like good little consumer drones.
" mmmmm... Lauren Graham..."

Hmmmm indeed.....aaghghwhghghh.......(Drooling. Not sure how to write that sound effect)

"It's funny listening to his Gulf War bits... they pretty much fit Bush Jr's escapades to a tee."

I know. I dubya almost makes his daddy look good! Ah Bill would've had material for years and years....

"Friggin 'Reality shows' are the penultimate big bad!"

I said it before and I'll say it again. Reality shows may never be really gone, but this bubble of overkill has GOT to be over soon. People are being clubbed to death by these things and the novelty has to be wearing off by now. Most don't even have such high rating anymore. We MUST be past the point of their 'high' now. The end MUST be in sight now. SOMEONE TELL ME THE END IS IN SIGHT!
If you arent entrenched in the big 3..ABC,NBC, got a very short shelf life.Part of me believes E.D. and Tru Calling got a green light just so another network couldn't do Joss' Spike, Faith spin off idea! me cycnical!
Dare I remind anyone here who the head of FOX Television Division is ... none other than the woman who brought Buffy to the small screen for us to enjoy the way it was suppose to be .... none other than Gail Berman. All I have to say now is, WHAT THE HELL IS SHE THINKING OR NOT, IN THIS CASE??????? She was once the woman with a vision that brought us the Whedonesqueverse we love, now she is in charge of the number 4 network. At first I thought this would be a good think for genre television. It would finally get a chance, but man I think they must suck the air out of the executive offices, cause only someone living in a intellectually voided vaccum would make the descission to yank orignally thought provoking shows off the air so quickly. This coming from a network that want's a year round schedule of shows, might as well change the network name from FOX to SUX4U.
A8 - the big 3 have been yanking left and right all season as well - Boomtown, Karen Sisco, Bortherhood of Poland NH, just to name a few that were aired the same ammount of episodes as Wonderfalls in some cases less even. Tru just happen to surprise everyone with it's demo preformance I mean it was only ordered for 7 episodes orignally.
I am stunned. I have no idea why I pay the ever rising cable bill...for what? There is nothing worth what I pay to watch on any of these networks...nada...nothing!!! Buffy Gone...Angel Gone...Wonderfalls Gone...jeez...well you know what???....I'M GONE!!!

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RavenU, I have this vague notion that Gail Berman was somehow partly responsible for the Firefly demise....I woudn't bet money on that, but I believe I read somewhere that she just didn't "get" Firefly at all and hated the 2 hour pilot, Serenity. Can anyone tell me I'm wrong here? Maybe it can't all come down to one person.

It does seem strange that the woman who brought Buffy to the small screen for us -- for which I'll always be grateful -- doesn't seem to have been behind subsequent fabulous Whedonverse/Minearverse efforts. From Tim's comments on it appears that Fox had lost its love for Wonderfalls before the first episode was even aired. Seems it was doomed from before the start and not necessarily just because the ratings sucked.
Regarding the unaired episodes, it's more than likely that Wonderfalls will be picked up by one of the satellite/cable channels in the UK and all 13 episodes will be shown. The same happened for Firefly and Miracles. The unaired episodes in the States were shown here. So you never know, they might just make it onto the internet so people can download them.
I suspect Berman's thing with Buffy was its feminist agenda more than the show itself.

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Gah, surely she can't fancy herself a feminist with the crap that network promotes?!

Simon, here's hoping you're right.

And a big hey, howdy to the Bill Hicks references! Made my damn morning. (Well, afternoon, I guess--time change and all that.)
As many people as we can goto TV shows on DVD and cast a vote for Wonderfalls to goto DVD. Perhaps if we concentrate our efforts there along with a postcard campaign to Mike Dunn and Steven Feldstein we can get all of Wonderfalls out on DVD soon.
Hmmmm indeed.....aaghghwhghghh.......(Drooling. Not sure how to write that sound effect)

You did better than I could have :)

I know. I dubya almost makes his daddy look good! Ah Bill would've had material for years and years....

That's the truth! Hicks' brand of comedy does continue to be relevant because people are slow to change. Much of Lenny Bruce's material still resonates today as well.

And a big hey, howdy to the Bill Hicks references! Made my damn morning.

With all of the bile aimed at Reality TV, I am reminded of Hicks' brilliant "Let's Hunt and Kill Billy Ray Cyrus" premise :)
Well I just learned that Alias is being picked up for a 4th season. That's something to look forward to on TV next year, right? RIGHT???

I'm devastated that Wonderfalls died so soon, not that I wanted it to die EVER. Bah! Grumble grumble.

*runs off to search ebay for an Urn of Osiris*
Yes, Alias being renewed is good news. I do really like that show but I also feel it isn't as good as it's first couple of seasons. Still good and enjoyable to watch. I also really enjoyed Nip/Tuck and am glad it's coming back. Hope they can continue with the great story ideas. But it just seems like years ago there'd be a huge selection of great things to watch and now there is such a meager selection to choose from. And they are usually all stuck on the same nights so people have to choose one over the other.
I have so much hatred for Fox right now. And The WB. This just really sucks.

I wish I could be more articulate, but that's about all I can think of. I mostly feel bad for Tim, who has now been burned twice by that evil network. Thank god they didn't cancel Forever Eden huh? Evil!!
(OT: There's absolutely nothing inherently guilt-inducing about the pleasure gained from watching Gilmore Girls. Next year, in our post-Angel world, it will officially be the best-written show on television. I think it suffers from the same "silly title" syndrome that Buffy did. It doesn't get nearly the amount of respect that it deserves.)

If I had to bet, I'd imagine that Wonderfalls will end up seeing a DVD release; they're going to want a way to try and break even or profit on the show, especially with a stable of unaired episodes, right? I'd also bet that the success of the Firefly set might encourage it. And hell, much more dubious and less "successful" shows seem to be released on DVD every week these days.
By the way, I agree with keever on the Gilmore Girls thing. Great dialogue and amazing writing is nothing to feel guilty about. But it'll also be reaching it's 100th episode next season, so I'm just waiting for that dinner between Jordan Levin and Amy Sherman-Palladino. "We love your show and can now sell it into syndication for tons of money. Oh, and you're CANCELLED! Bwahahahaha!"

Thank the heavens for the news about the renewal of Alias. At least there's something to look forward to in my television life!
I'm starting to think we need to start our own, viewer-sponsored channel for INTELLIGENT tv.

Um, that already exists. It's called PBS. :) It's not too big on the action shows, but hey, maybe someday.

On another note, I think that maybe all the reality TV shows and bad programming choices are really just a sly attempt by the networks to get people to go out and enjoy nature more.
I am so f**king SICK of this bullsh*t! I was saying last night with my friends - "love wonderfalls, can't wait until Fox breaks my heart and cancels it"! What idiots! IDIOTS! They cancel a show after - what - four airings?! Four airings is so not enough time to judge a show. And like many others have said, WF gets the pink slip while Tru Calling continues? Unbelieveable. Now, I love Eliza Dushku, but that show is just junk. The writing on it is horrible. WF, a classic in the making, just gets trashed. I am disgusted. I want my damn DVD set with ALL the episodes. That's the damn least Fox could do. Beyond that, I am no longer watching Tru Calling, effective immediately.
Never watching Fox again, and I want to slap every Nielsen household. Ah what the hell, I want to slap the whole Nielsen company too. I am gonna be one of those crotchetty old men who say "I remember when TV used to MEAN something..."
I have to ask again, did anyone really think that this show was NEARLY as good as Buffy, Angel or Firefly? I've read a number of posts that said that people didn't like it much, but were hoping that it would grow on them, and I count myself among them. I only watched it because of the Whedon connection, and I was not really impressed.

It was very quirky and gimmicky, and it got HORRIBLE ratings, despite a good amount of promotion and an INCREDIBLE amount of critical acclaim (which just made me wonder if we were watching the same show). Boomtown and Angel getting cancelled, now that is a tragedy, but this? I'm sad for those involved, but I'm glad that I don't have to force myself to watch it alone (because my lady certainly didn't like it) in the hopes that it someday affects me.
Brother_grady, I for one, did not think it was nearly as good as any of Joss Whedon's shows but I felt it was definitely good enough that more than four episodes should've been shown to at least allow it to try and find an audience.

I think Wonderfalls is more of a "last straw" thing to people. Yet another promising show that was quickly cancelled before even having a chance to establish an audience. And yet, really, truly crappy shows still remain on the air.

Unless a show is a huge ratings hit on it's first episode they don't really have a chance anymore and that's just too depressing to think about. There were a lot of shows that are considered "one of the greatest of all times" that started off slow and took time to build an audience.

Cheers is one of those shows. There's a program called "Cult TV" on the Biography channel and tonight it's about Cheers and how it had dismal ratings when it first aired but how it went on to be considered one of the best shows ever and a huge ratings hit. If aired today, it would've been quickly cancelled.

No Wonderfalls wasn't the best show out there but it certainly was way better than most of the stuff that is being aired and getting renewed.

[ edited by blwessels on 2004-04-05 17:14 ]
I liked Wonderfalls better than Angel. Angel has always been uneven (anyone wanna ascend to be a big head in space as a higher being?) and there's been more times that I wanted to claw my eyes out than hug my teevee.

The last two seasons of Morose!Buffy nearly killed me, and I taped over everything, except the screener copy of the musical.

Wonderfalls made me hug my teevee. I loved its quirks, loved watching it find its footing. Lovesick Ass cinched it for me, I was in love. And I'm sad that you'll never see it. Though if the show's quirkiness grated on you, the episode might kill you.
I liked Wonderfalls better than Angel.

I would be curious to find out who had the same opinion, and to hear some of their reasons why.
I wasn't 'hooked' on Wonderfalls yet, but I really, really liked Caroline Dhavernas (or the role she played - since I've no idea what she's like in real life). It's great to see a brunette in a leading role, and I think she's very easy on the eyes in a completely natural (i.e. not 'tv beauty) way. I hope we'll see her in another series soon.

Here's a note from her from March 30, thanking the fans.

After Angel all that follows is the wait for the return of Six Foot Under. And Dead Like Me - it may have lost its original intent, but it still has Mandy Patinkin.
I liked Wonderfalls better than any other show (besides Angel) on the air right now. I loved the quirkiness, the snark, the dialogue. It had great wit and was extremely quotable, and had a lot of heart. I saw a so much promise in it. Wonderfalls had the making of a cult hit and I'm sorry not everyone sees it. I personally loved it from the beginning, and loved it even more after the 4th episode. This show was going to be my new addiction, damn it!
You won't hear any from me, brother_grady. I enjoyed Wonderfalls (all weekend I kept seeing the Booster Rooster screeching "Destroy her!!!") but Angel's better.
This decision sucketh mightily. When Angel ends, my tv will stay tuned to Discovery and History Channel. The End.
I liked Wonderfalls better than Angel.

I would be curious to find out who had the same opinion, and to hear some of their reasons why.

I can't fairly make a comparison since they are different kinds of shows. I think Wonderfalls is closer to Gilmore Girls and Arrested Development, and as such think that Wonderfalls gave them both a run for their money.

I too am smitten with Caroline Dhavernas—natural beauty and great comic delivery—and the irreverence of her character and the show in general.
Dhavernas does have great comic delivery! I was also going to mention that you can't compare Angel and Wonderfalls because they are a different kind of show. It's like comparing apples to...some other kind of fruity thing.
I don't really like to compare new shows to the Jossverse, because I really don't think it's fair. Buffy was my favorite television series of all time, so if I compared every new show to it I would be constantly and forever disappointed. TV may be in a horrible state right now, but I also think it's short-sighted to assume that Joss's shows are the only good things on the air. There's still a handful of amazing television shows out there, you just have to know where to look.

As for Wonderfalls, I loved it more every time I watched it and I was really starting to bond with the characters. I guess they should have called it 'CSI: Niagra' or 'Law & Order: Retail Crimes Unit', since that's the only way fictional programming has a chance in hell at survival.
Yes, for all those who said you really can't fairly compare Wonderfalls to the Whedon Shows, I wholeheartedly agree. I was totally enthralled by Joss's shows and think they are the best for the audience they were targeted for. They were just rich and deep in the storytelling and histories that it is hard not to watch anything else without constantly comparing them to Joss's shows.

Wonderfalls for the type of show it, quirky, light and fun was a very good show that I do think would've gotten better and better. It seemed to be finding a real nice flow and had really fun and interesting characters. For the genre it was in, I do think it was way better than anything else out there. It just wasn't given the chance to get there.

Allyson, you made a comment about thinking it was better than Angel and then you said that an episode that you obvioulsy got to see but the rest of us didn't because it wasn't aired was what cinched it for you. For those of us who were still in the "like but not yet love the show" stage, we were never given a chance to see that episode or any others and that's what I find so depressing. So much effort by any writer must go into developing and producing a show that to have the networks not even give them a chance to find an audience is such a waste.

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