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September 15 2015

"I would love to do a Dr. Horrible sequel" says Neil Patrick Harris. He did a video Q&A with fans on IMDB to promote his new show "Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris". Neil also said Dr. Horrible was his favourite role to date.

Never noticed NPH had such elfin ears. Maybe its coz his face is super thin now.
I think he looks better then he did during Hedwig. He's older too. I'm old - I can say that.

I love love the restraining order bit. We all want Dr. Horrible 2!

Three Dr. Horrible related posts in the past few days. My hopes are up. They will not be squashed.
Anybody else watching Neil's show? I could swear I saw Amy Acker in the audience.
I saw her too, Ozzel. It was definitely Amy.
He would be a great serial killer. Or maybe a cereal killer. Maybe he just really likes to mash up corn flakes into y'know tiny little bits.

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