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September 16 2015

Team Agent Carter starts Round 2 of the Dubsmash War with a devastating entry. It's "Lola" by The Kinks.

Hum... It's going to be hard to beat!
Is it cheating that Stan isn't lip-synching along? I think that using Lola will piss off Team SHIELD so much they will amp it up.
He's the chauffeur - I think that gives him an exception.
Well since the Carternista's have played the Stan Lee card I guess he's out of play now. That may not be a bad thing as stunt casting often does not work as well as you would hope for.
Stan Lee has a cameo in everything Marvel does: I guess it's only logical he would appear in here at some point. James D'Arcy was the winner of this one though XD
Don't put Baby in a corner!

Wait, wrong cult tv show.

Can't wait to see what Team SHIELD fights back with. It is SO on.
TeamCarter is only $1,200 behind atm. It was a much larger gap before Round 2 started.
Okay, part two for Team SHIELD was pretty awesome.

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