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September 16 2015

Hollywood's 100 favourite TV shows. The Hollywood Reporter asked 2,800 industry people to choose their favourite tv show of all time. Firefly and Buffy make the list and there's quotes from Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon.

Castle is in there too, at #42 (the answer!), whereas Firefly is only at #68. Interesting!

I'm really enjoying this list, which is one of the most fascinating ones I've seen. What a wild variety! I love that Orphan Black is included.

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Fascinating list! They could use a fact checker, though, as firefly was only on the air in 2002 (The last episode aired in December, I believe), and Fox had nothing to do with Serenity, other than signing the rights over to Universal.
No Deadwood? That's a big miss. Still, arguing with lists is always pointless. There is certainly a lot of great TV on this list. And a lot of TV I've still not seen--so that's a plus.
I do know the last three episodes of Firefly were aired on Sci-Fi in 2003. Idk if that counts though.
100 shows is a drop in the bucket. I watched over 140 shows last season alone. Desperately trying to watch less this year but it isn't easy. There's gonna be some very good shows missing in a list this short. :)
A lot of great picks on that list but it's missing some of my favorites: Veronica Mars, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Life... Still, it gave me a good short list of shows I want to see.
Some of those listed were a nice walk down memory lane, like Hill Street Blues. But it's hard to see Firefly listed at #68. And off-topic, hard to see True Detective Season 1 so low down on the totem pole; truly a fantastic one-off story, cast, writing.
it's hard to see Firefly listed at #68

It's a bit hard for me to decide where I'd put Firefly in my personal ranking of "greatest TV shows." I mean, if we're ranking by "average episode quality" it's going to be way up there. But if we're ranking by "total achievement" then it's going to have to drop down. I mean, there are potential futures of Firefly, however unlikely, in which it squandered its great beginning and never lived up to its initial premise. The history of TV is littered with shows like that--and we don't put them in lists of "greatest TV shows ever" on the strength of their great beginning--we judge the whole life of the show.

A lot of what made the cancellation of Firefly so tough was the feeling that it had such great potential. And while that's true (and I'd be willing to bet a hell of a lot that if it had been allowed to go on it would be routinely referred to as one of the great network shows of all time) that's still not the same thing as actually doing the work year in and year out to bring off season after season of great TV.
What? No Star Trek: DS9? Angel? And Veronica Mars?

I watched all Lost and How I Met Your Mother, but they would be missing on my rewatch list.
Reminder: this is NOT a list of the 'best' shows (as one might find on a pop culture website). This 'list' is just the results of a survey in which 2,800 were polled and asked to choose their single favorite TV show of all time. It is not surprising that cult shows like Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies, etc. did not make the cut. Those shows have small but devoted fan bases. Many of the individuals who were polled for this survey probably have not seen them, and the ones who have might not rank those shows as their #1 favorite (which is all this survey measured).
This list is interesting to me precisely because it's not a definitive, best-of-all-time list. It's a look at the shows which have influenced the people working in Hollywood today.* If we pay attention to what's on the list and what's been left out, we can get some idea how creators think, and why certain TV shows (and other kinds of entertainment) are produced and others aren't. After all, some of the people who responded to this poll may have worked for Fox when it canceled Firefly and Dollhouse. This article shows us that the people making TV shows really do love great TV, but it also shows us some of their flaws and oversights.

*And, as noted, it can't possibly list everything they love and enjoy, and it's not even close to a scientific survey.
libradude, Danielm80, what you said. It's about favorites, and that's what I like about it. Not a bunch of people getting on a soap box about "great" TV, but presumably, the shows closest to their hearts.

IrrationaliTV, what is it you do, that has you watching so much? Sounds like what you do for a living?
Hm. There are 45 shows on that list I've never seen a single episode of. And there are 14 that I've seen every single episode of.

(I actually *own* every episode of How I Met Your Mother, but I couldn't make it through the last season.)
Jocelyn, I do work in TV but I work in the industry because I love TV and would probably watch even more of it if I was in a different industry. :)
AndrewCrossett, I watched all the way through HIMYM, and found the ending really interesting - especially that it had an alternate ending, which was good to watch, but less compelling, imho.

IrrationaliTV, I love TV too, but can't imagine watching that much! Although, if I had cable ....... do you still blog anywhere?
I don't blog much anymore, Jocelyn but you can find me on Twitter for everyday nonsense. :)
>> @AndrewCrossett (I actually *own* every episode of How I Met Your Mother, but I couldn't make it through the last season.)

I hope you at least saw How Your Mother Met Me, Vesuvius and Last Forever from the final season.
Your heart will be torn into itty bitty pieces and pasted back together by the end, but it is so so so worth it.

> Just rematched the last 7 minutes of Last Forever
> I feel like poor little Grr Argh monster after Becoming "Oh I need a hug."

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IrrationaliTV, I now follow you on Twitter, but I don't spend much time there. Sorry you're not blogging.

RobinH, I can't remember which HIMYM ep was which, but there was certainly a lot of heartbreak in that last season. Grr Argh!

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