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September 17 2015

Agents of SHIELD Season 3 poster is revealed. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Cool! I cannot wait!!!
Not bad. Little surprising Ward is right next to Coulson.

Sort of reminds me of the Lost Season 6 poster that had "Locke" with his back to the camera, not unlike Lincoln is here. And I may be reading to much into it but maybe Simmons has got something on her arm now.
I think Simmons's pose is meant to convey emotional discomfort... like she's hiding a secret.

Skye... I mean Daisy... looks hot. So does May.

No suit for Phil anymore.
I'm looking forward to Quake, but as far as I'm concerned, Skye is still Skye.
Since the writers room is penalized every time they err and call her Skye, I'm going to go with what is official, Daisy Johnson is Quake.
If you remove the letters S-K-Y-E from "Daisy Quake Johnson" you get an anagram of "Ooh! Ninja Squad!" And "Skye" is an anagram of "Keys."

I think the implications are obvious.
'Eh, the Ward next to Coulson is weird. But then, he also is sort of a marketing problem. There's only so many skulking in the background, offcenter shots you can do with him before you're basically underselling the actor in your marketing.
Yoink, that was my first honest belly laugh of the day. Thank you for that. I needed it. :)
And "Skye" is an anagram of "Keys."

OH MY GOD Skye is Dawn!! And Ben is Glory.

Everything is connected. :-P
For two seasons we knew her as Skye. It's going to be hard to change our thinking about her to calling her Daisy. And really - Daisy Johnson is so...bland. (The name.) Safe-sounding. Skye was mysterious - why no last name? Why'd she choose to add an E to the end?

And...I don't really think the code name will be used that much, either. As far as I can remember, the only Avenger who gets called by other than his name is Cap, and from time to time Hulk. I don't remember them addressing Tony as Iron Man during a fight, or saying "Black Widow" instead of "Nat."
I just can't believe nobody has said, "You can't take the Skye from me," yet.
And Ben is Glory.

Applaudes Jason. Nice.
Prediction: there's going to be an interrogation scene in which the bad guy sings "Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do."

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