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September 18 2015

The new issue of Empire Magazine has Sam Mendes interviewing Joss Whedon. Hopefully this feature will be put online at the magazine's website.

Ugh must be a patient fan. It's something to look forward to.
Is this confirmation of Joss writing and directing the next Bond? ;)
Wonder why Joss' name isn't on the cover.
Jocelyn, the cover lists "contributions from" - I think that means pieces who are written directly by the people cited. If Joss Whedon was interviewed but didn't write something, they couldn't include his name in that list. I guess they could have put underneath it, "Plus interviews with ...", but maybe they didn't like the way it looked on the mock-up.
Interesting match. My first thought was of Mendes's theatre stuff. He's directed a lot of musicals, so I wonder whether that will come up.
It IS an interesting match. Joss has a lot of interests, extremely well read, etc. etc. so I hope we all get to read the interview soon.
We could buy the magazine. Just saying...
Shapenew, thanks for explaining.

I will buy the magazine. Just saying... (Especially since I stopped subscribing to SFX Magazine, and really miss it.)

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